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      Saturday, February 13, 2016

tales from the parkside
02:42 PM - 02/13/2016

The topic: If you’ve inherited furs


From a family member and you don't know what to do with them, Jen of Forever Home Pet Rescue just alerted me to Coats for Cubs. You donate the furs and they're sent to wildlife rescues to help with with rehabilitation.

This is a seasonal thing and donations will be accepted through April 2, 2016.

Now I can finally get rid of those nasty coats and feel good about it.

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02:22 PM - 02/13/2016

The topic: Three hours later….


I realized this morning that I could no longer view mov files on the internet. You need Apple's Quicktime for this. I have Apple's Quicktime. I have Apple's Quicktime Pro as a matter of fact. So, why can't I see mov files on the internet? I can see them on my computer. But when I tried to view one on the interwebs, it downloaded to my computer.


I do my Google research. What I'm not understanding is why there isn't more about this problem. Am I the only one having it? It would appear so. I was trying to check out some of my Disney videos in a private directory, the ones I set up last year of all of our meets, using a program by the name of Shadowbox. It works like Lightbox. If you're on Facebook and have clicked on a video or GIF, I'm sure you know the type of thing I'm speaking of. The background turns dark and the video is in the middle of the page. At first I thought it was the Shadowbox software and I was more sure of that when I found that the author is no longer supporting it, the website is dead, gone, available for purchase. Hmmm...

But after I found a website that had the entire old website in its entirety and videos worked for me there, but some files did not, it became obvious it was something on my end. For some reason, there were no Quicktime plugins in Firefox, IE or Chrome. Odd. Very, very odd. In my research I found that you don't download these plugins because they come with the Quicktime download. Okay....

I removed the old, albeit an up to date version, of Quicktime. I rebooted. I downloaded a clean version of Quicktime. I clicked on it to install. I had a choice of automatic or custom installation. Just for kicks, I chose custom. And what do I see? An X by the browser plugins option. I uncheck that box, reinstall Quicktime.

And three hours later.....

I have my Quicktime back.

Now, one of the things I checked when doing my research was I tried viewing the iTunes movie trailers. And they didn't play. Because Apple disabled the automatic installation of the Quicktime plugin for browsers. What kind of sense does that make? Ah, well, it's running now.



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