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      Tuesday, November 25, 2014

05:05 PM - 11/25/2014

The topic: Ever have one of those weird days?


The kind where all sorts of strange things happen? Yeah, me neither. Oh, wait. Today was one. 

Like I got my latest Fukubukuro package from Meh. You can see what I got by going to this link. Do a search for "lisaviolet" because my unboxing is pretty far down the page. (Five bucks is all that cost me and I'm getting more.)

For lunch we had pumpkin pie with whipped cream.

Anyway, I forgot to take something out for dinner. 

I got one card made. 

For dinner, we're having potato chips and ranch dip. Brian's okay with that. 

Sounds good to me!  I've been craving potato chips and ranch dip. Yum! I'll do better tomorrow. I hope. *lol*


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08:34 AM - 11/25/2014

The topic: Organization is important


When you're working with a lot of pieces. Last month, Brian let me buy this six foot table for my crafts. I set it up in the family room, in front of the fireplace (which we never use because Brian likes wood fires, but he never cleans out the fireplace, that's left for me and I hate cleaning it, it's a dirty, dirty job; it takes longer to clean it than it does to burn a bunch of wood - besides, it really doesn't get that cold here). 

I've been working on my Christmas cards and I've gotta say having this table is making the work much easier. Before I was using a couple of two and a half foot tables, the dining room table, a tv tray table and the coffee table. Hard to keep things in order when they're that spread out. I can't believe how smoothly this is all going this time.

I have things laid out on the big table, I'm working on one of the smaller tables. If I need to run the cutter, I pull out another one of the small tables and put it behind me and put the old laptop on that to run the Silhouette, which is still on that awesome cart I got last year and in the living room so the noise it makes doesn't interfere with the television. 

I'm just amazed. It would be nice to have a dedicated work area, but that's not possible with all of these furry things that we share our lives with. 

As it is, I can't leave things laid out, I have to pull them up when I'm through for the day. But it's still way better now than it was. 

Organization. That's the key.


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