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      Saturday, November 15, 2014

06:25 PM - 11/15/2014

The topic: I’d planned to cut paper today, but


I got sidetracked. So, what's new, right?

Last week I made a calendar of sorts for Brian. A listing of over a year of days, that run into one another, say Thursday is the end of one month, well, on this calendar, the next month starts right after Thursday, it doesn't start on a new page or a new line. I did this so when people want to know when their stuff will be shipping, Brian can easily count how many weeks it's been since the order was placed. His current lead time is six to eight weeks (yeah, he's pretty busy). 

I made two of these calendars and on each one, at the left, there's a ghost image of the text and border. And when I printed the instructions out for some of my SVG kits, the ghosting was pretty bad on those. And it annoyed me. It annoyed me a lot. And instead of cutting paper, I spent the better part of the day trying to get this taken care of. I checked the inks, I ran the cleaning utility multiple times, even uninstalled the printer from my computer about five times and did a fresh install of the driver and utility. Nothing worked. I changed out the printer cable, changed which USB port it was connected to, nothing I did helped.

Finally, I tried using a different cleaning utility (there are two different ones in the printer utilities) and I've never used the one I tried. It ran for probably a half hour with the message it couldn't clean all of the printer heads, to do it manually. The print out sheet didn't look too bad, but I went ahead and ran the manual utility (which is what I'd done earlier in the day). It looked fine and I tried printing out a test sheet and there was no ghosting. So, I tried another PDF file from SVGCuts and it was fine! No ghosting!

The Epson online troubleshooters say to keep running the cleaner until the head(s) are unclogged and I guess that's what I did. Probably ran them at least twenty times. Head cleaning uses up a lot of ink, so I'm happy I have the continuous ink system in place.

But it was time to fix dinner, so no cutting today.

For sure tomorrow so I can get started on my Christmas cards.


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