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      Wednesday, November 05, 2014

mrs. crankypants
12:11 PM - 11/05/2014

The topic: If you aren’t happy with yesterday’s election results


And you didn't vote, then STFU. If you're a registered voter and you didn't vote, shame on you. And if you are of age to vote and you can vote and you're not registered to vote, then shame on you.

If you're a citizen of the United States of America and you didn't vote in yesterday's elections because you just didn't get around to it, or just didn't feel like doing it, then shame on you.

Bad citizen. Bad, bad citizen. 

Don't complain when nothing gets done. Or things get done that you don't like or agree with. Because it's your fault. All. Your. Fault.


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07:59 AM - 11/05/2014

The topic: So, I hear a windy poo last night


The kind that's proceded by a loud blat and then expulsion. Okay, which kitty was it? I look around for the normally splatty gassy cats. Mystie is on the sofa, Opie is on Brian, Pete is right there, under the table. Hmm, who could it be? 

I get up and check. It was Jackie. And I look at what he dropped off. And I'm very, very pleased! 14110205

It had some kind of form! It wasn't like gravy when it first starts cooking and hasn't had a chance to thicken, it was the consistency of frosting you spread on a cake! (Again with the food analogies.)

It would appear the Vetasyl is working on his inflammatory bowel problem. All these years of his nasty, runny stool, finally it looks like I've found something that won't hurt any of the cats (actually beneficial) and is helping Jackie. Yesterday I had mentioned to Brian that Jackie looks like he's gaining a little weight, then I see his poo last night.

This made me so happy. 

And I cleaned it up before someone stepped in it. 

And there was no poo on the floor anywhere this morning. Yay!


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