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      Monday, November 03, 2014

03:59 PM - 11/03/2014

The topic: Sometimes the cats win


Brian sat down to do some paperwork while I got shipping labels ready. Mario moved off of his blanket (the blue folded up towel) and plopped himself down in front of Brian.

Brian asks Mario if he wouldn't mind moving so Brian can have his desktop back.

In typical cat fashion, Mario ignores Brian's request and Brian has to work elsewhere.

Clicking on the photos will take you to the family album, where you can click on the photo to see it even bigger! Yay!

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11:34 AM - 11/03/2014

The topic: Something’s messing with my sleep


We go to bed, I'll fall asleep for a couple of hours, then wake up. And be wide awake. I've gotten one decent night's sleep since my procedure. 

Last night, I even took an AdvilPM before going to bed. My left hip gets sore and I figured this should help. At 1:30, I was awake. Tossed and turned for about ten minutes, got up, went out to the sofa, covered up with a couple of lightweight fleece blankets and was asleep in no time.

I know cats on my pillow are one of the problems. Opie and Richie have no sense of boundaries or the idea that laying across a human's nose will cut off air flow and said human won't be pleased with that. I don't mind that DaNiece sleeps on the pillow, she's right against the headboard. But the boys.... 

And then there's Marco. He likes to step on my hair and pull it. He gets one of his paws as close to my scalp as he can, without touching the scalp and starts kneading. And it's amazing to me how he always manages to get a couple of strands of my hair caught up in his claws. And he pulls my hair.

Other than that, there's been nothing on my mind (since Friday night and that was this weblog), but I'm just having sucky nights' sleep.

I'm so tired....


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07:11 AM - 11/03/2014

The topic: Waking up to a cool house is nice


Last night I shut up the house to keep it a little warmer and it was 46° back at Brian's shop. And it was nice to do our (short) morning walk.

The bad news? 

It's supposed to warm up to the low 90°s this week. I'm not lying. November and ninety degree weather. Would someone please make it stop? Enough with the summer weather.


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