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      Sunday, November 02, 2014

04:49 PM - 11/02/2014

The topic: I always wondered what I could do


With gift cards that had a very small balance. You know, under five bucks. Well, I just discovered that over at Amazon, you can buy their gift cards (with the code being emailed)  for as little as fifty cents. I just cleared out three old cards I had, one for seventy-seven cents, one for a dollar twenty five and one for four dollars and change. As soon as I got the magic numbers, I went over to Amazon and added them to my Amazon gift card balance. Nice!

I think this is a great idea! I don't know if I have any other low balance cards around, but if I do, I know where I can use them.


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mrs. crankypants
01:33 PM - 11/02/2014

The topic: You know what sucks?


Buying thirty bucks worth of fun sized candy bars, putting up all the decorations and having four trick or treaters.


That's it.


Next year we'll put up no decorations and have a small bag of candy for the possible visitor. No wonder so many houses in the neighborhood were dark. They knew. They were realistic, not optimistic like me. "Hey, it's a Friday, the kids have already hit the school and church carnivals, we'll have tons of them!"

Never again.

The candy will be at the vet's office on Monday. Not here. We're done with it, had our fill.


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mrs. crankypants
01:32 PM - 11/02/2014

The topic: My procedure results came back last week


Everything is good! The two polyps removed are benign, nothing about them says pre-cancer. So, I have ten years to buck up for the next one.


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07:45 AM - 11/02/2014

The topic: Ew…


Okay, dear Reader, if you've been following along, you know that Pete has had some intestinal problems. He's better now. He didn't get the full dose of metronidazole because I couldn't catch him. And if I couldn't catch him, it follows neither could I shove food in his mouth. But as the days progressed, he drank more water and if I could corner him and sit on the floor in front of him (because if I didn't corner him, I couldn't beat the other cats off with a stick, even though I did my best to keep them out of reach with my legs), he was more than happy to inhale the pieces of deli sliced turkey I'd toss his way.

Well, by the end of the week, he was starting to eat without urging again, and Friday and Saturday night, he was in the garage with the rest of the clowder for dinner. 

But his stool is still loose, pudding consistency (funny how the comparison to some things nasty is food). And he's a little gassy when he goes, you can hear the wind as it releases. Sounds like Hooter in Captain EO at Disneyland. Last night we were watching television and I heard it. I grabbed the flashlight (easier than finding a lamp in the living room) and checked it out. Tired, I figured I'd just clean it up this morning.

Well, around three this morning (as the bedroom clock read, but it was really only two) I lay in bed, unable to sleep. I got up and figured I'd go hang on the sofa, maybe play a game of Candy Crush or two. And on my way, I stepped in the crap. 


Well, I cleaned off my heel and, once again, put off cleanup until the daylight hour. And headed over to the sofa, where I played on Facebook a little, seeing that another FB friend was having a bad night's sleep. She'd stepped in puke. 

I heard Brian in the kitchen, it was still dark out, he was feeding Miss Elizabeth. I said "watch out for the poop". Too late, it appears, he'd already stepped in it. He dished up some soft food for Miss and took it into my bathroom where she was waiting on the counter. Then he went back to bed.

I ended up going back to bed and got up just a little bit ago. I did my normal morning ritual, taking my BP meds, opening doors for the cats, giving them each handfuls of kibble (same thing is in the feeder, but they wait for this like it's a big treat...doze ) and cleaning up puke and poop.

When I hit the living room to clean that mess up, the little splatty pile from last night was almost non-existent. I've noticed this before. Brian doesn't seem to realize he's stepped in it for a couple of steps. And there was a trail leading into the kitchen. (Hydrogen peroxide works wonders on dried poo - let it set a little, then wipe it right up.)

This is really funny to me, I don't know why, but it really cracks me up.


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