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      Sunday, September 28, 2014

05:41 PM - 09/28/2014

The topic: Update!


We're fine! Cats are fine! We're getting a taste of autumn weather (but not for long) and I'm enjoying the heck out of it.

There's a Facebook fella in Alaska that posts things that are political and he's funny about them. He is retired Navy (twenty four years). He has a weblog and his wife has been gone for a week or so and he's more prolific than usual and I've been having so much fun reading (and responding to) the followups to his posts. See, he rattles the cages of the uber-conservatives and some of them have no problem private messaging him, he shares some of this hate mail on FB, and honestly, some of them are pretty ignorant and it's pretty entertaining to read the responses. On my last response, I said I hoped that his wife gets home soon because I'm not getting anything around here done. True story.

Today he posted a photo of one of his cats wrapped around his neck. Adorable.

I've been trying to catch up on some housework after the miserable weeks of heat we had and my heart really isn't in it. I need to get back into the swing of things. I did get some stuff put away in the garage and made room where I've just been piling things up. 

Oh, and since it's the new television season and our DVR (from the cable company) was over 71% full, I needed to get rid of quite a few of the programs that were recorded. I binge watched all of the last season of Dallas. And the season finale from the previous season. The show seemed to lose its way after the death of Larry Hagman, but they found their stride and I was really into the last few episodes. Although I kept hoping Sue Ellen would die or something. I can't stop looking at her mouth, it reminds me of Bobby's tail, Dammit. It seems to have a mind of its own and it moves when nothing's coming out of it. Such a dramatic part of her face and I want to slap a strip of duct tape over it. But other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Which surprised me. 

It's just been one of those summers.

Anyway, meatloaf for dinner, with scalloped potatoes (best potato recipe I've ever made) and probably baked beans. 

And I do want to get my carousel photos and video up, because it's just adorable. And I have the review for The Equalizer (go see it, it's an awesome movie) to do.

Man, dinner smells good....

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