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      Monday, September 15, 2014

10:00 AM - 09/15/2014

The topic: Sparkle Butt!


I mentioned that he's spending way more time inside than in the garage. Well, this past week he's been spending more time with us.  And not just hanging in the dining room, but he's in the tv room with us, laying on the coffee table next to other kitties. 

Then he decides he needs a hug and will jump over to the sofa and climb on me. The only problem I have with this is he gives me a little face to face loving, then turns around and settles in so that his butt is in my face. Eventually he gets tired of me telling him to get his butt out of my face and he gets down and goes over to check out Brian.

Brian doesn't get the butt in the face. I guess Rocky actually put his paws around Brian's neck.


I feel so special.

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mrs. crankypants
09:40 AM - 09/15/2014

The topic: It’s still hot


It will still be hot tomorrow. 

For the first time since this heat wave squared started, it wasn't cooler outside than inside at any point yesterday into this morning. Since I was a kid, I get up in the middle of the night to pee (I think because I got spanked for wetting the bed when a child...old habits die hard) and when I've been getting up, I check the temp outside. Should I open up the house or let the A/C stay on? 

This morning, I let the cats out around four and left the door open. The A/C started shortly thereafter. It was that warm. 

There was about a four degree difference between outside and in when we got up at six and by eight, we had the house closed back up and the A/C was back on. 

We've got passes for A Walk Among the Tombstones later this week and I told Brian "we need to get there earlier than normal because I do not want to be standing in the sun".  The line reaches a certain point and they split it. The early line is in the shade,  the later line is not. 

I also told Brian this morning that I'm really glad that I'm not getting ready for the annual Disney trip in this heat (the final one was last year). I can't even imagine how awful that would be. All the stuff I'd need to be doing in the office and the garage (where the heat press is). Then cleaning and scrubbing and and and....

Whoever doesn't believe that there's climate change happening is in denial.

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