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      Saturday, September 13, 2014

06:38 PM - 09/13/2014

The topic: Dinner at El Pollo Loco


A first. We had chicken avocado quesadillas. We'll eat there again. 

On the way home we stopped at Albertson's for ice cream. There was a sale on Haagen Das and we ended up buying five pints or whatever size they are now. 'Cause when you buy five, you get an additional dollar off for each carton.

They should last for a couple of weeks since we only eat ice cream on the weekends now.

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09:54 AM - 09/13/2014

The topic: I love it when the planets align


Or something like that.

I opened our last ream of paper this week. We use a lot of paper. There are the quote forms Brian fills out, the worksheets he fills out, the copies of the worksheets he fills out, the copies of the quotes he sends that I keep, copies of the payment pages (paypal or credit card) that get attached to the quote form and when they ship, Brian's worksheets gets attached to that as well as the shipping receipt. And then there's the invoice that goes on top of all of that. 

Yeah, we use lots of paper. 

Well, there an email in my mailbox that I can get extra points (which I turn in for rewards cards) if I use Office Depot. And if I order $125.00 worth of stuff, I'll get twenty dollars off. Okay, let's check this out. I click through their link, get to Office Depot, login to Office Depot and do a search for the SKU number of the last paper we got. It's about $54.00 for a box. I order two, that puts us at $108.00 (free shipping, but there's tax added). You see where I'm going with this? I can order $17.00 more worth of stuff and get $20.00 knocked off the total price.

So, let's see what else they have that I could use....don't need any more paper, don't need pens, or paperclips....I know! 

I do a search for glue! Yay! Got some Scotch brand Tacky glue after reading the reviews. People like it for crafting. Sounds good to me. I got three bottles. Added $17.97 to the total. I got my $20.00. And free glue!

I love it when things work like this.

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07:31 AM - 09/13/2014

The topic: Since it’s supposed to be so hot today


(Have I mentioned we're having a heat wave on a heat wave?) I had decided to get into the office early and was going to finish up the little bit of paperwork left, will probably be about a half hour's worth.

When we went to bed last night, the A/C was on. I woke up around three to powder my nose (what my dad called using the bathroom) and I noticed the clock on the file cabinet in the office (straight visual shot from my side of the bed) was off. Odd. Since I was up, I figured I'd see what it was like outside and it was cooler than inside, so I started opening up the house. And when I went over to the window in the office, I stepped in fresh runny poo (Jackie's, most likely). Got most of the rest of the doors and windows opened, Brian got the bedroom windows opened and I went back to bed.

So, get up this morning, come back to the office, turn on the computer, go get the cats some kibble (would someone please explain why I can take that kibble out of the feeders and place it in little piles in front of them and they nom down like it's the best treat in the world?), fill my water bottle with cold water, take my blood pressure pills, then come back to the office. My computer is still "configuring updates". It finishes booting up and I turn on the television to watch my Saturday morning Rifleman on AMC. 

No cable. What? It's on in the other room, not here. Gee, what else is out? The cable in here comes through the attic into a powered splitter. And it's apparent the splitter is not getting any juice. Same as the clock. I do some investigation. The stereo doesn't turn on, the printers don't turn on, the water fountain isn't running....cats. What did they do?

I get my step stool from the garage and flick the switch on the power strip behind the stereo a couple of times. Nothing. Which means the problem is at the wall. Behind the full five foot tall oak filing cabinets. Oh, yeah. Sure. That's what it is. It has to be. 


See, Mario likes to try to get behind the cabinets. I've tried blocking the area off, but the board isn't stuck in place and by pulling at it, he can make enough room to get back there. There's nothing there except the back of the file cabinets. I get the flashlight, and get on my hands and knees (which are now covered in cat litter pieces) and start pulling out toner cartridge boxes (that I mistakenly believed if I stacked enough of them under there, Mario wouldn't try) and looked at the plug in the wall. It was hanging out, just a little bit. I got my swiffer extend pole thing and was able to get it under the plug, so now it was aimed right at the outlet. All it needed was a push to get it back in. I couldn't do it with my plastic pole.The printers worked, but the fountain wasn't running. The cable was on, but the clock wasn't running. Brian got a metal piece from his shop and was able to push the plug all the way in. The fountain and clock still didn't work. I got back up on the stool and checked the power switch. It was off. I turned it on and everything is back to normal. 

Brian says "maybe you should take a pill" while I'm putting everything back in place, trying to make a better barrier to the back of the filing cabinets. Yeah, good idea. 

So, I'm sitting here and I ask Brian "who's crying?" It keeps up, I get up to see who it is and Lorelei has Rachel cornered behind a cat tree. Rachel can't get out. I yell at Lorelei. She walks off in a huff. I ask Rachel if she's okay. She scurries down the hallway. Fifteen minutes later, she's okay, not slinking anymore.

Please let the cats not be assholes until after this heat wave....please...

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