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      Friday, September 12, 2014

06:33 PM - 09/12/2014

The topic: Knowing that it’s going to be really hot


And knowing that I'm feeling guiltier each day that my paperwork falls behind, I got it all done today! Brian had to go up to Ontario to pick up material so I took advantage of him not being around and got to work early this morning, before it was so horribly warm in here.

And because I got so much done to start with, I just kept going. 

I've only been doing what was absolutely necessary the past three months. And today, I got three months worth of mail opened, past due bills paid, paperwork filed, I reconciled the last three months of the new company (a real PITA because of Paypal) bank statements and six months of the old company's bank statements (that didn't even take a half hour).

I've got a little bit of Fitrite work to do, but it's nothing pressing and it doesn't take much concentration.

But, boy, does it feel good to be caught up.  

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09:25 AM - 09/12/2014

The topic: Something woke me from a dream last night


Or early this morning, not sure which. 

It was a very strange dream. I mean Strange (with a capital S).

I was pregnant in my dream (but I don't remember my belly being big, I could see over it with no problem). 

We wanted to record the birth. So we tried to push a camera up my vagina. And I remember thinking "this won't work, the baby's head will push it out of the way".

It was a silver camera, thin, but wide. 

In reality I couldn't have kids because my tubes are blocked. And even if they weren't, I'm sixty years old and well past the birthing years. 

And there's no way in hell that camera would have fit.

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mrs. crankypants
08:16 AM - 09/12/2014

The topic: Watching this morning’s news


And the weather comes on. We're in for a heat wave. Seriously? A heat wave? This whole summer has been a stinking hot heat wave. argue

And now it's gonna get worse?

Oh, m-a-a-a-a-n!


I'm just not feeling the love for this summer. Just not feeling it.

it's hot! it's hot! it's gonna be hotter!

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