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      Thursday, September 11, 2014

02:12 PM - 09/11/2014

The topic: Advance screening: No Good Deed


Sorry, but there's no review.

We were supposed to go last night. But Tuesday, I was sent this message:

"No Good Deed Screening Canceled!!

'Screen Gems just cancelled ALL of NO GOOD DEED screenings and has issued the following statement: We have decided to cancel the advance screenings of NO GOOD DEED. There is a plot twist in the film that we do not want to reveal as it will affect the audiences' experience when they see the film in theaters. We apologize for any inconvenience."

That sure sucked. Makes me wonder if it's a crap movie and they didn't want bad publicity before it came out. 

Oh, I listed out all of the free movies we've gone to since we started this last year. Twenty-one. Cool!

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02:00 PM - 09/11/2014

The topic: Craft storage is a problem for me


Because of the kitty cats and the lovely Bobby and Dammit (I've spoken of Dammit before, that's Bobby's tail's name), everything has to be covered or out of kitty spray reach. (Have I ever told you that Bobby is a short kitty, but his spray has been measured at over eighteen inches high....predators feared him, when all they knew of him was his calling card.)

And I have so many paper scraps and extra pieces cut out that keeping the organized isn't easy. I don't have the room. I've been looking for plastic storage bags every so often that might fit the bill. I'm sure you've done that before, thought to yourself "gee, it would be really nice if I could find this" and you search and find nothing. Six months or so later, you search again. I've been doing this for a couple of years now and finally!

I found them on Amazon!

As I do projects, I'll label the bag so that everytime I make that project, if I have any leftovers, they'll go into that bag. And the next time, I'll have stuff already cut out! (Like for the carousel, I cut out different colors of the trim so that I'd have a choice, I could mix and match.)


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01:56 PM - 09/11/2014

The topic: Last month


Brian built a redneck air conditioner for the garage. You know, one of those Home Depot buckets with styrofoam inside to hold a frozen water jug and holes are cut out on the sides. A fan is placed on the top and that forces cold air out through the holes. Didn't do a thing.

He just brought it into the office. It's working in here. Nice.

We're in for at least another week of this hot weather and mid-week next week, more humidity is supposed to be coming up from down Mexico way.

I think this is what they call an endless summer.

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