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      Monday, September 08, 2014

mrs. crankypants
06:56 AM - 09/08/2014

The topic: Psssst….I have a secret…


I HATE this weather!

Had the a/c on lst night, it was muggy. So, stinking muggy. Cats decide they have to be snugged right up against me. Why? Why do they do this? Ross actually came up to me and laid his head and neck over mine. Mario has to be at a place by my legs that makes it so that I can't move them. And if I do, he slaps me. The ceiling fan was on high and it squeaks.

I couldn't get comfortable and it didn't help that my mind kept going over re-cutting four of the carousel patterns. (One sheet, the "trim", one I'd cut two out of because the fold marks didn't get done on the first one, well, the color is way too close to the base and it needs to have some contrast; and the other three I realized a much better way to place the holes for my "poles", a way that makes them more standard. As it is the horses won't be lined up. I just couldn't quit thinking about it, no matter how hard I tried.)

Got up around 6:15 this morning and it's too warm and muggy to walk, especially when I got a crap night's sleep.

I ended up on the sofa, the blinds are wide open and the full moon against the clouds made is so that it was very, very bright outside. That bothered me. Then the cats had to climb all over me.

On this morning's news, we had record heat last night. Great.

Make it go away or make it rain. One of the two. Either way let's be done with it. 

I told Brian this morning I don't know how folks in the mid-west, east coast or down south do it. I just don't.

Today will be a xanax day. I can say that right now.

It's 7:05 right now. The a/c, which is set for 77°, just kicked on. This is just wrong. So very, very wrong.

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