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      Sunday, September 07, 2014

08:39 AM - 09/07/2014

The topic: I got up to


empty my bladder last night and when I got back to bed, there was no place for me. How can that be? How can the cats move in so quickly? I didn't feel like dealing with it so I went and laid on the sofa. 

Richie immediately says "MOM!" and comes over and lays on my face. Yeah, no, that's not going to work. I pushed him to the side of my head and all I could hear was his stomach gurgling. And his purrs. But the gurgling got annoying after about two seconds, so I pushed him above my head and not next to my ear.

He was okay with that. And all I heard were purrs.

I'm tired.

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08:15 AM - 09/07/2014

The topic: And the bloodwork


I got my results back, but the lipid results weren't there. You know, the cholesterol stuff. I called last week and they were faxed over.

My good cholesterol was up twenty-five points and my bad cholesterol was up two points. And the overall was up lots, which I really don't understand. 

Brian's values were up, too. So, we had a nice long talk. We need to keep our exercise regimen regular. We quit this summer to see if it would help him with his fabrication if he got up, took a shower, at which time I'd make breakfast, he'd eat, then go to work. But it didn't play out like that. He'd get up, come back to the office and piddle around online until he was ready to take a shower. So, we're back to walking, which should help the blood sugar reading. And I need to cook more, even though I haaaate being in the kitchen when it's sooooooo hot (the sun goes down on that side of the house), instead of hitting the fast food places, something we've done a lot of this summer.

I remembered something about the rutin that Captain was getting and how good it had been at clearing the crap from his lungs (the crap that wasn't cancer, that is). If it can work for chyle, then maybe it would work for us, help rid us of some of the bad things in our blood. Rutin is an antioxidant. We started taking that last week. We have an almost full bottle of it.

Crossing my fingers it helps.

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08:09 AM - 09/07/2014

The topic: Rocky update


He's lovin' it. He came up to Brian to be held the other night. It's slow goin', but it's goin'.

I've started calling him "Sparkle Butt".

When Brian asked me why, I said "well, Rocky becomes Rocket, and rockets have sparkly butts".

And that's why I call him "Sparkle Butt". Makes plenty of sense to me.

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07:54 AM - 09/07/2014

The topic: Quick! Quick!


Before it gets hot and so muggy I can't catch my breath and I have to lie down on the sofa like the delicate flower I am! 

Yeah, we're in for at least three days of hot mugginess, thanks to Hurricane Norbert. We're on a flood watch in our area (she says looking out the window into the cloudless summer blue sky - hey, did ya ever notice that there IS a summer blue sky? A lighter blue than winter blue) which I seriously doubt will amount to anything. Except more mugginess.


Breakfast is made (I'm getting really good at making breakfast everyday, but I sure like it when Brian steps up to the plate..or stove), last night's pots and pans washed and now I'm back here. Brian is back in his shop fabricating hydraulic links.

Yesterday's mail brought another bank statement, that's three that need to be done (have I mentioned I haven't done much back here in the office this summer due to the heat melting my brain? Honestly, I think I'm having issues because of it...) And I admit that paying bills via the internet has me a lot lazier when it comes to paying bills. Those few that need checks written just seem to get pushed to the side. With the bank statements. And that's really not a good thing. It is what it is.

We have to make a trip to Costco today and when we do, we're also heading over to Walmart to return some stuff. Brian got some sneakers last week that are as hard as rocks, not comfortable at all. And I bought a Hoover Floormate online last month that died the second time I used it. I need something like this to clean the floors because mopping just isn't enough. Anyway, I'll get my money back on this, then order another one. It seems like a crap shoot with these things, if you get a good one or not, at least that's what I glean from the reviews. I have that one I got last year that quit laying down fluid, what good is that? I got it during the mad rush for the October meet and can't find the stupid receipt anywhere, and Walmart does NOT have anything for it online, which has me flummoxed. There are no purchases from me before December 2013, which is a lie. Nothing. Walmart told me to contact my bank for a receipt, my bank says the part on my statement where the money was taken out is my receipt, unless I want to file a claim. Hoover told me when I first inquired that there was a two year warranty on that unit and to just take it in to a service center to find out what they'd cover. Which I'll do, with my bank statement and emails in hand. 

I started cutting out cardstock last night for the carousel! I need to find out where I'll want the lights so I can pre-cut the holes for them in the paper. 

Laundry is all done, I need to get the litterboxes cleaned before it gets too hot. And do the breakfast dishes, then I can cut, cut, cut!


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