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      Saturday, August 16, 2014

10:57 AM - 08/16/2014

The topic: A head’s up for paper crafters


Die Cuts With a View (DCWV) is having a half price sale on its paper stacks. Go check out Joann.com or Amazon.com.  All of them at Joann's are on sale, not all at Amazon, so you'll have to pay attention.

I like these sales and I usually get more than one of the paper stack because I eff up when I'm cutting and I don't want to have to get rid of everything I've made. I got the Die Cuts With a View  Stardust paper on Amazon and I'm thinking a few of the papers would make an awesome hot air balloon. (To see the lower pricing, check the "Prime" button on the left.)

And since we're Prime members, I get free two day shipping and it's destined to be here today. Yay!

Like I don't already have a full buffet (a plate isn't big enough).

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10:37 AM - 08/16/2014

The topic: Still stinking hot here


I set the A/C two degrees lower than usual and the house was sooooo nice yesterday, although I still got nothing done. I'm stuck in quagmire of inertia, I'm telling you, I just can't get motivated to do ANYthing. I hate this. I know that once I get started, I'll be okay, but damned if I can get started. Too many voices in my head, "do this", "do that"....aaaah, shaddup! All of you! 

So, yesterday we went to CostCo. Brian said the night before let's go early, I'll get this done, then we'll get it done and get it over with...didn't happen, I snapped at him when he wanted to know if I'd taken care of the liability insurance thing. I'd been waiting since nine for him to be ready to go and here it was afternoon. I told him "I do not want to get started on paperwork, stop to go shopping, then start again when we get home".  When it comes to paperwork, I want to work right through it. 

We get home from CostCo (much needed trip, out of eggs, no fruit, and he had no juice to take his pills with) and he'd gotten another message from the insurance company.  "Your policy laps today, the 16th, you need to take action on this!" The thing here is we're a small company, the insurance is over four thousand dollars. They have the option to pay almost fifteen hundred down, then finance the rest, which is what we'll do. But fifteen hundred bucks is hard for us to come up with on a moment's notice, especially with a two thousand dollar house payment due on Monday. And "today" wasn't the sixteenth, "today" was the fifteenth, you dolt. We got the first notice late Monday afternoon and the cover email didn't say anything about when it was due, there was an attached PDF file, which neither of us opened up. When I finally did yesterday, someone had the quote done on the fifth, but it wasn't forwarded to us until the eleventh. 

Anyway, I print out the file, hand it to Brian, he initials and signs all of the places he's supposed to initial and sign and I get the check ready and we're done with that. At that point I didn't want to do anymore paperwork, so it built up just a little more.

Well, hell, let's just let it get real high and then make it worth my while, right?

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