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      Monday, July 28, 2014

04:52 PM - 07/28/2014

The topic: Today was a good day


Because the doctor renewed our Xanax prescriptions. He only prescribes twenty pills at a time and we were able to stretch them out to over a year. They're only  .5mg.  I always quartered mine because I didn't want to feel as if I was in a different dimension, I just wanted to not feel like I wanted to punch someone in the nose for talking or breathing. (Yeah, I have those days.)  There hasn't even been a handful of days where .125 wasn't enough and most of those were on trips to Disneyland when we started early in the day and stayed late (you know, when we had hotel reservations). 

This morning I woke up in a bad mood. I hate this stinking weather, I don't really mind it when it's hot, but I hate hate hate it when it's muggy and we've had nothing but muggy for a couple of weeks (it came with the sprinkles we got). When I got out of bed, it was muggy and my day went right into the crapper. I took my last quarter pill before we left for our walk.  I made up my mind I'd call the doc today and make appointments for us. Because my doctor will not refill a prescription for something like this without seeing us.  I know. I've tried it twice. I think I called back in May when my supply was getting low.  Now it's gone. 

Yeah, I said "for us".  Brian thinks it will be swell if we go together.  rotfl The first time they had two appointments together first thing in the day is at the end of next month. No problem. We'll not eat the night before, get to the clinic early and have blood taken, then take our turns. I'm going first! I take dibs!

I called the pharmacy a little bit ago, Brian's prescription is in, but not mine, so I called the clinic and said we'd like to not to have to make two trips. They'll be calling it in by the end of today. 

Xanax. Better living through chemistry.  


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