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      Tuesday, July 22, 2014

04:24 PM - 07/22/2014

The topic: Vet called with Marco’s results


Most excellent. His bloodwork looked really, really good. The vet feels that the cough is nothing since it isn't an ongoing thing throughout the day. 

So, the question is "why is he losing weight"? It wasn't answered today.

I'm supposed to start watching him eat. Does he continously drop his food? Does he look uncomfortable when he eats? Does he chew more on one side than the other?

Yeah, okay. I can do that.

Today was good news, that's for sure.

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12:30 PM - 07/22/2014

The topic: Back from the vet with Marco


He has a bacterial ear infection and he has lost weight. He hasn't been in since 2008, but the vet could tell from the way his skin is hanging and his ribs. 

The vet said his heart sounds good, he couldn't feel any tumors, his teeth are ugly, but since he's still eating, he doesn't think those are the problem. So, blood was taken. 

I have meds for the ear infection and am waiting to hear the results from the bloodwork.

Before we left, I'd taken a short video with Marco.  I hope you'll find it informative.






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09:59 AM - 07/22/2014

The topic: I feel so bad right now


We'd made an appointment for Jackie to get shaved and a bath today (he's really not into hygeine). But we neglected to get the trap out so the cats would get used to walking through it. And Jackie was very, very wise, didn't go in. I had to cancel the appointment. He's very upset with me right now, he let me pet him a little and rubbed into my hand, but he won't eat any treats I hand him (he hasn't eaten since last night). 

He's very, very upset and I'm feeling like a real asshole right now. 

I could just cry, I want him to be happy and I can't get him to understand that being clean and not having those mats leftover from last year would feel ever so much better.

Just damn.

Marco has an appointment in a half hour. With Marco I can open up the carrier and he'll walk right in and lay down. Not that he goes to the vet's office very often, he's actually been a pretty healthy cat. He's getting older and he coughs when he wakes up. This makes me a little nervous, so I'm taking him in.

I still feel like  about Jackson.

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the morning walk
07:03 AM - 07/22/2014

The topic: On our walk this morning


Yes, we're walking again. That little experiment where we got up, Brian showered while I fixed breakfast so he could start working earlier didn't seem to pan out. He still wasn't out there until nine or later. We're walking again.

Anyway, on our walk this morning, we walked by an elementary school, one that Brian attended when he was a child. With my history, I don't remember much about school. Kindergarten was in Salt Lake City.  My next three grades were probably in Wichita Falls, Texas, then to New Cumberland, Pennsylvania. Fourth and fifth grades at St. Teresa's Parochial school. Sixth, seventh and eighth were spent at the American Academy in Athens, Greece (we were there when the miltary took over, our house overlooked the international airport and we saw the king leaving the country). The first three years of senior high school were spent at Desert High on Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert in California. Senior year at El Capitan in Lakeside, California.

But I digress.

Walking next to this school this morning, I asked Brian if he remembered any art projects. He started thinking back to kindergarten, remembering making stamp pads out of potatoes. I don't recall a lot about my younger years, I blame it on the accident when I was sixteen that had me in the hospital for months. I think the part of my brain that retains memory recall was damaged or something. Anyway, I remember around Easter one year, in early elementary school,  our teacher brought in a dead branch she'd found and she'd planted it in dirt. The kids painted the branch and our parents (back then it was usually the mothers) blow out eggs. I do remember my mom not liking this part of the project. yawn

We took our blown eggs to school, painted them and somehow got them tied to that painted branch with ribbons. And in a few weeks, to the amazement and wonder of the school children, the tree started to bud.

I always smile when I remember that. The teacher probably knew all along this would happen and she just sat back and watched. 

Yeah, that's a good memory.

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