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      Saturday, July 19, 2014

08:45 PM - 07/19/2014

The topic: Okay, remember that project I was working on?


The one from last week that I got so frustrated working with that I quit working on it?

I lied. I didn't quit working on it. But I couldn't post about it anymore because it was a surprise for a very wonderful person who is turning fifty tomorrow. Happy birthday, Allyson, you're an official COW (Cranky Old Woman).

I was afeared that she was starting to catch on that maybe I was making something special for her and what kind of  a surprise is that? She's having a birthday party tonight (too far for us to drive home, we'd have to get a hotel and that's not an option right now) and she'd posted on Facebook that instead of presents for her, she'd like to have donations for her church's food pantry. Awesome, this would work out nicely.

We picked up some dry goods at CostCo earlier this week, I got a homemade card made up for her with a nice envelope and put that in the box with the goodies. Brian packaged it all up nice and tight and it was sent out Wednesday. She got it on Thursday and was very happy. (I remember getting a Chatty Cathy for Christmas one year as a child; when I opened the box it was full of empty beer cans...I was pretty disappointed, not funny parental units (but they had  gotten her for me, they were just pranking me because I had this knack of guessing what was in the wrapped packages)).

Brian also packaged up another little project and it was shipped to a mutual friend of ours who would be going to the party (thanks, Liz!). She had agreed to take this package to Allyson's party so Allyson would get it tonight.

So, here it is.


The back of it opens up and the roof of the tower comes off. The windows are covered in vellum on the inside and you can put battery operated tealights inside for an awesome nighttime vision. If you look at the roof of the porch, you'll see the little windchimes I made. I designed and printed out the siding paper and the roof paper myself. I used my embossing machine to give the roof and siding some depth. It's really pretty cool. 

This project can be found over at SVGCuts, do a search for Maple Manor.

You can see more pictures (there are twenty-one) in my photo gallery. I'll have the descriptions up tomorrow. 


So, that's it for today. I was up until 12:30 last night because my video editing software wasn't working right and I had to uninstall and reinstall (a couple of times) so that I could make videos. I'm ready to call it a night.

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02:09 PM - 07/19/2014

The topic: If I handed Brian


Four hard boiled eggs, he wouldn't be able to eat them at one sitting.

Earlier this week, we hit CostCo and got three cartons of eggs, eighteen in each carton. Wednesday, I boiled one carton of eggs, peeled the eggs, split the cooked eggs in two and set the whites to one side and the yolks went into a bowl.

I added mayonnaise, mustard and small amounts of vinegar until I got the perfect texture and tangy taste, then filled the egg white bowls. I sprinkled smoked paprika on top of them all (we got this paprika at CostCo and it's really tasty, reminds me of bacon).

So, there were thirty-six deviled eggs. I had three. Brian took six to his mother. We have eight left. Brian ate the rest. This morning I laughed when I asked him if he could eat four hard boiled eggs at one sitting and he said "no way!"

But you can eat eight deviled eggs?

"Yeah, no problem!" 


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10:48 AM - 07/19/2014

The topic: Last video I took of Georgie


This is video taken the week before he died. The first one with him jumping was on Tuesday, the second two were on Thursday. You can see how well he was doing. Even though I was giving him fluids on a daily basis, I couldn't save him. On Sunday, he could barely walk and turned up his nose at any and all food I put before him. 


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