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      Monday, April 28, 2014

09:18 AM - 04/28/2014

The topic: “The Other Woman”


We were able to see this last Tuesday at an advanced screening. 

I made a new shirt to wear.

It took me two tries, the first one was an epic mess. I had used two different types of media, a sparkle print on paper for the thumbs up and sparkle vinyl for the text. (I got lots of stuff during the grasshopper days....) On the first shirt, I centered them both from the middle of the shirt, but the hand isn't as big as the text, so the hand was way off center and the entire print was too far to the left. To top it off, when I did the hand, I'd forgotten to pull the backing off of the printed part so it peeled right off of the material. Epic fail. I tried again and this time I took everything into consideration. This is the result.



Since we found out with our first advanced screening movie last year (the latest installment of Riddick) that eating theater food that late in the day was not a good idea, we eat before we go. I start dinner early and clean up the kitchen while Brian showers. This time, we actually went out to dinner. We had a coupon for a free sandwich with the purchase of a combo meal. We had to buy the drinks, but that's okay. I really like their chicken sandwiches, it's chicken breast and the barbeque sauce is really good. Brian has sliced beef. 



We got there early (two hours, but we learned with "Heaven is for Real" that an hour early isn't good enough (we didn't get in, we could have, but it would have been front row and it's possible we wouldn't have been able to sit together). They gave out tickets from a roll (like raffle tickets) and when the line was officially forming, we'd have our place in line. So, we didn't have to stand there for two hours, we could do whatever. The whatever we did was go back to the car, opened up the windows and moon roof.

I pulled my jacket from the backseat so I'd be all ready to go when it was time.



Brian snoozed.


Then it was time to go take our place in line. We took our seats, the theater was packed. They were asking people to move in so that the empty seats were together. I didn't move, I wanted that end seat. Because I have this bladder thing after drinking two fill ups of root beer at dinner, over twenty ounces of water with Zip Fizz added, then even more just plain water. I'm not going to climb over people, that's why we sit on the end. 

The movie finally started and I liked it right off. I enjoyed this movie, it was a buddy movie for women. I've read reviews that didn't like it, but it was way better than most of the male buddy movies (like the Hangover series...really?)

I liked every female character, there was none of the usual cattiness between female characters. It was refreshing to see this.

In parts, I laughed so hard I could hardly breathe. The scenery was awesome.

Yes, it was formulaic, yes, it was inane, but we go to movies to be entertained, not to be taught lessons, you know? 

We were entertained and we both give it two thumbs up. 

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08:53 AM - 04/28/2014

The topic: And then there’s Charlie


I got some video of him yesterday, I'm going to try to get more. He can be a really bully, but when he's not wound up, he can be quite the clown. 

He helps make the bed. Somehow he's got this linen closet radar and when those doors are open, he's so fast you don't see him coming, he's laying on the clean towels before you know he was even around. 

I took this yesterday. He's reaching for the camera strap. He was playing, just look at his eyes. His pupils are normal.


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08:36 AM - 04/28/2014

The topic: We have a cat named Rocky


Yep. I think he likes it here. Still getting used to his new digs, but every day I see him doing something that shows he's integrating.

I saw him yesterday morning, then he went invisible. I hate that. I NEED to know where they are. I spent hours looking for him with no luck. I climbed the bank and looked down on the ferns, I turned the water on by the pool to flush him out of the foliage. I checked the rafters with a flashlight. I checked under the sofa and loveseat with the flashlight. 

Nothing. Cloak of invisibility.

Finally, I saw him glancing around the corner of the house. Okay. He's here. He's walking. He's okay. And I quit looking.

He spent the day in a basket in the garage, then went out for a little bit late in the afternoon, early evening. He was inside when it was time for dinner.

I blocked the door again and like the day before, opened it when I opened the sliding door at four in the morning. After I got out of bed and was dressing for the day, I looked outside and he was right behind Bobby on the lawn. During the past hour I saw him eating the kibble I toss out on the patio in the morning. Rory was doing the same thing. When I talk to him or he hears a noise, he turns to run back inside, but at least now he waits to see if he really needs to do this. And when he realizes he doesn't, he returns to his previous business.

Here's some video I took of him yesterday, so you can hear how sweet his voice is.


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