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      Saturday, April 19, 2014

09:53 AM - 04/19/2014

The topic: About those advanced screening movies


We went to one where Brian had to take our cellphones and put them back in the car. Or else we could have put them in bags and put our information on them and picked them up after the movie. They checked us going into the theater. 

Well, now we just leave them in the car, don't even bring them in with us. But what about the time? Sometimes I have to "powder my nose" as my father used to say and if it's close to the end of the film, I can wait. But how do I know how long until the end of the film? Of if it's a movie like Her and I can't wait for it to be over and wonder how much longer I'll have to suffer through this drivel?

I used to have watches that had dials that lit up. One of them quit working (even after a new battery). I don't know where the other one is. I have tons of watches, that all need batteries, but in the dark, I need light to see them.  So, I did a search on Amazon and found a few. Some were fancy light up watches, glitzy blingy light up watches. Not what I was looking for. Most were digital. Nope, not what I want. I want analog.

And I found one. An Armitron at a very fair price. It got here yesterday, it fits, the numbers are readable (don't need glasses to see them) and I'm happy with it. It will be my "movie watch" and I shall only take it to movies. I pulled the stem out so the battery won't wear down, I'll set it before we leave. 


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08:02 AM - 04/19/2014
I'm watching Saturday morning Rifleman on AMC

The topic: Got the package with Rocky’s information yesterday


Probably my rescue friends would have a better grasp on this, but it's pretty interesting. This package includes all of his adoption information as well as his vet records.

He was born on May 15, 2005.  He's a seal point Himalayan. He wasn't neutered until October 24, 2012. He was adopted out on December 8, 2012. 

And before he was neutered and in rescue, he spent lots of time being boarded at the vet's office. A week here, ten days there, and he got buspar while being boarded on a regular basis. 

No mas of that stuff. No more boarding. 

Last night I left the door to the office open. The only growling was the asshole Charlie in the bedroom.  Rocky stayed in the office and since there was no hissing or growling, I'm going to assume that everything was fine back here. He did start talking early, early this morning. He has the sweetest voice. 

He's spending more time off of the stereo and on the shelf looking out the window. I gave him some kibble this morning and he inhaled it, he was a hungry boy.  He's making great progress with us, if he's on the stereo and I start talking to him, he jumps down to a place that's more amenable to being petted. But he's not making it the other four feet to come to me, he's a man of compromise, I suppose. He'll gladly meet me half way....

It hasn't even been a week and he's doing quite well.

And Mario actually slept on the sofa last night, next to Sagwa (remember, Sagwa beat up Mario when Mario first got here and we had a trip to the vet).

Things are running pretty smoothly, all things considered.

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