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      Saturday, April 12, 2014

04:24 PM - 04/12/2014

The topic: Brian’s gone today


He went to Valley Center to help a customer install his top and tilt kit on his tractor. We talked about him taking the Vivitar cameras (the head mounts got here yesterday) and take video of the installation, but we never got around to testing them out.

So, today, I tested one out. My subject was Jackie, feeding him chicken. I boil chicken breasts and most of the cats get some of it, but Jackie and Georgie get the most. Georgie's gotten chicken on a fairly regular basis since his pancreatitis years ago and Jackie's been getting it since his neuter last year. It makes him appreciate me more, because I'm the person who gives him yummy stuff.

In the beginning of the video he's by the dining room table, then when he knows the chicken is on its way, he books to the top of the cat center. That red cat in the way is Opie. 

I was pretty happy with the quality. The sound is tinny, but I can live with that. The camera wasn't heavy at all on my head. When I'm handing Katie food, you can see her looking at me. She didn't know what to think about this thing on my head. I figure for less that sixty dollars (camera, head mount and memory card)  this was a decent investment. And I think it will be pretty easy for Brian to use for his installation videos.

Without further ado, here's Jackie:


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04:07 PM - 04/12/2014

The topic: There’s a lunar eclipse coming up


On the 15th. 

I want to photograph it. I want to time lapse photograph it. Or something along those lines.

Last week I did some research and found that I'd need a timer for the camera. I checked the link to Amazon and it was almost sixty bucks. Nah, can't justify that. So, I head over to eBay for a cheap one from China. Found one, ordered it, the seller is a bad seller, didn't have any in stock and refunded my money. Which isn't what makes him a bad seller, no, the bad seller part is that he didn't delist the auction, he just raised the price a hundred bucks so no one would buy the timer. And checking his feedback, it was a definite pattern of behavior. One poor sap bought something at the inflated price and then was upset when he didn't get it. When I was finally able to leave feedback (eBay wouldn't let me leave any for a week since it's a high powered seller), of course it was a negative and the seller contacted me and offered five bucks to change my feedback. Nope.

There are a lot of these timers on eBay so I got one from a different seller and it arrived on Thursday. 

Yesterday I tried it out. I'm looking forward to playing with this, for sure. I found some other stuff on Amazon that will help do the time lapse (for instance my biggest compact flash memory card is only 4 GB, can't take hours of RAW images at five second intervals with that). Luckily, there's plenty of off brand stuff now and the reviews sure help find what would be best for my situation.

Of course, if the clouds come in on Monday night, there won't be much use for this stuff, but there will be more lunar eclipses, hopefully at some point I'll take some great shots of them.

Here's my first time lapse movie taken with my Canon.


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