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      Thursday, January 23, 2014

01:50 PM - 01/23/2014

The topic: I love my Roku


Well, I love all three of them. *grin* I'd like to have a fourth for the bedroom. 

Anyway, I've discovered the great fun of "my list" on Netflix. I have a few old series. I've already watched all of "Saving Grace" (although I've never been a huge Holly Hunter fan, well, loved her as Elastigirl in the Incredibles - one of those movies we've watched so much we recite the dialog as we're watching it;  loved SG, hated when it ended, although the ending was really good). All of "Revenge" (can hardly wait to catch up, I started too late for the current season, my Video on Demand doesn't have a full season of episodes, so I'll have to wait until Netflix gets the current season...arggh!).

Some stuff from across the pond (I'm finding I really like the Jack Taylor series). 

Yesterday I started with the Law & Order series, the original. Started back in 1990. That's a long time ago - we'd only been married five years!  I saw Rocky Carroll in the first one. You know, Leon from NCIS? And Lenny wasn't in it back then. Brian asked me this morning who was the girl ADA. I said there wasn't one yet, it was Robinette and the guy who was in Pale Rider (not Clint Eastwood). ChrIs Noth was in it from the start. I didn't realize that.

Yeah, I heart Netflix and my Roku. 

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12:13 PM - 01/23/2014

The topic: I’m working on a new shirt design


Pink glitter vinyl on a black shirt. My test shirt did not go well.  The lettering looked good, it was lined up perfectly. 

But the platen on my heat press was nasty (transfer paper residue) from making the mouse pads last year and I'd never cleaned it off. This residue ended up on the shirt. Nothing I did got rid of it, I washed it three times, I even color it with a black Sharpie. banghead

So, I did it again yesterday with a new shirt. Had to cut out new letters, did two sets, then I let the press heat up and spent a half hour with a lined silicone glove and a cleaning rag rubbing the heck out of that platen. I got a lot of crud rubbed off, there wasn't much visible when I was done (it's Teflon coated so I have to be careful when I clean it).

When I pressed the shirt, I made sure to use a sheet of paper coated with silicone. Just in case there was still residue. I'll probably clean the platen the next few times I use it.

Anyway, the shirt? Very happy with it. It will be up in the store next week. 

I haven't taken any pictures of it yet, so I'm not sharing it just yet.

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08:40 AM - 01/23/2014

The topic: Back in the grasshopper days


One of the monthly catalogs I got from CostCo had a sewing machine with an attachment for the computer and it embroidered. I talked Brian into letting me buy it. I set it up, but never used it.Oh, I'd think about it, but it's in the extra room and I've got a desk type setup in there, but this machine gradually got pushed to the back of the desk and it's not easy to get to now.  As the years went by, I'd think about using it, but just never had the inclination. I've got an older model sewing machine in the living room that's in a cabinet that I do use on occasion (like patching Brian's Levi's). I've got a cedar chest my parents got me when I was a senior in high school stuffed with material.I've got a lot of big spools of thread I bought at Threadart.com. I've got the stuff to make nice things. 

But somewhere along the way I became sidetracked.

So, I decide I want to use my embroidery machine. Even if the reviews sucked. It's bought, it's paid for. 

I brought this up to Brian the other night and he said "well, why don't you bring it out here? You can move that chair", pointing to the cat chair in the family room, the one we bought just for the cats at Jerome's a few years back. The one covered in covers and blankets that I wash every month or so. 

I think about it. The next day I research a new/used sewing table. I don't want to spend more money on more furniture, furniture for which there is no place. I pass on the idea of setting it up on a permanent basis. But, what if I could do the same thing with it that I do with my Silhouette? Of course, a cart won't do, but what about a case for it, one I can just pull out when I want to use it? And set it up on one of the tables I use when I craft? I can adjust the height on those, it should work.

So, I look for cases. I found one made for my machine on Amazon. I asked Brian if I could get it (it wasn't real cheap) and he said "I guess". So, I got it. The reviews for it are better than for the machine. *lol* And it's huge. But it's a tote type case, so it's on rollers. And it sets nicely next to my Silhouette cart in the extra room. This will give me more room in the extra room; there's nothing wrong with that. I'll be working on this today.

Now, if only my foot would quit hurting.

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the morning walk
07:49 AM - 01/23/2014

The topic: I pulled a muscle in the top of my foot


I guess it wasn't a muscle, online research (why does that make me laugh) shows it to be tendonitis. Holy moley, it hurts.

Well, it started off feeling like a sharp knife was slicing through it if I placed my foot just so (obviously never on purpose and by the time I did it, it was too late). Wearing shoes seemed to help.

A simple thing like straightening out a throw rug by pulling it with my foot sets it off.

Now the screaming, ripping pain is gone and it just aches.

Brian said last night maybe I need one of those big black boots that keeps my foot from moving. I said then I need to buy some shoes with heels so I can wear one on the other foot. So, I don't walk crooked, yanno?

I hate wearing shoes.

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