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      Saturday, January 18, 2014

01:32 PM - 01/18/2014

The topic: I have a brilliant idea!


I don't know if it's a scathingly brilliant idea, time will tell. But here it is.

I'm making a small afghan for a baby girl (at what age do they become toddlers and not babies? Never had any so not clear on the concept). I realized I love doing this simple project. I use the same pattern for all that I make, just different colors of yarn.

The last one I made was blue and red. Not baby colors at all, but it was by request, for a baby boy.  I made the box for the blanket using cardstock that complimented the colors in the afghan with a template from SVGCuts. (I took pictures, just never put them up. Maybe this week.) And I put embellishments on the box, making it special. 

The new mom loved the box and blanket, she said she's saving the box and putting his baby keepsakes in it for when he's older. I thought that was so sweet of her.

Anyway, this little girl was born before that little boy and I'm a little behind in making this blanket. I went pastel on this (yay! baby colors!) and finished it up this morning. Washed it by itself and thought it smelled funny (maybe too much fabric softener for just one item?) so it's back in the washer with some towels. 

Once it's dried, I'm going to photo it and upload the photo to my computer. Then I'm going to print out cardstock with that picture. If I like the way it turns out, I shall print out more of this pattern and make a box or bag for this little afghan. Wouldn't that be cool?  A container that matches the item in it?

If it works, I'll be putting photos up of that. Since it's all stuff I love to do, I can see making little blankets and matching boxes or bags and selling them over in my store

And personalized boxes may be a thing to sell my jewelry, too. (I grrr my jewelry; I've got some adorable little heart earrings up, in case you're interested for Valentine's Day, very affordable.)

Off to put the fabric softener in the washer....

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