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      Saturday, January 11, 2014

mrs. crankypants
01:05 PM - 01/11/2014

The topic: Last month when I was doing all of that paperwork


I found a UPS receipt (I print them out and attach them to the customer's paperwork) that didn't match up to anything. We've had one customer cancel on us the entire time that Brian's been doing this business. The guy couldn't wait any longer. I refunded his money.

I thought that was the end of it. Until I found the UPS receipt. Brian didn't pull the paperwork back in his shop and shipped the unit out. The guy even emailed Brian asking a question about the unit, telling Brian how happy he was with it. Brian forgot all about the cancellation. 

So, I see this guy has a unit that he didn't pay for (because all of his money had been refunded). 

I called him on December 23. "Yeah, I'll take care of it" he says. I sent him a copy of the original quote with the payment link on it. When I did the invoices the last week of December, he was sent one in email. I also printed out a copy and sent it to him.

Never heard a thing.

This morning, Brian emailed him. Told him we're a small company and $346 is a lot of money to us (it is). The guy responded that he'd pay it right away (he hasn't) and that he'd only just gotten the invoice, so the problem wasn't on his end.

Seriously? When the credit card was refunded, he got a notice in his email that he'd been refunded. He knew damned well he hadn't paid for that unit when he received it the following week. He's been using it ever since.

And so far, he hasn't paid. Unless he's going to send a check.

I'll be holding my breath on that.

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10:07 AM - 01/11/2014

The topic: Busy couple of days


One of my bestie's birthday is today and I was making her some stuff.

I made her a card (and matching envelope) with a very special sentiment inside, which I'll share:

Happy birthday to you,

You live in a zoo,

You look like a monkey

And smell like one, too!

I made a calendar for her with all of the shirt art since I started making shirts for the annual Disney trip (the first shirt was in 2004).

And I made her a three strand bracelet with little faux Hello Kitty beads, pastel seed beads and Swarovski AB crystals. It's really cute. I made the box I put it in. 

Now I've restarted a baby afghan for one of the ladies who works at my vet's office. I wasn't really happy with the first one, the colors didn't please me, although they're nice enough colors. I got some baby yarn earlier this week and started over.

Finding that I was spending more time unraveling the green, I grabbed the skein and started from the other end and made a ball of it. Now I should be able to just sail along and this little blanket should take no time at all.

Back to work!

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