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      Monday, January 06, 2014

07:26 PM - 01/06/2014

The topic: The calendars


Didn't get too far, actually. 

I wasn't able to focus. Too many pictures, too many options. I need to hit this from a different direction. Maybe tomorrow.

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07:21 PM - 01/06/2014

The topic: Skippy update


I think the fluids I gave him this morning helped. He seemed a little more active when it was time  to come in. I even saw him eating some kibble, but no wet food.

He's up in the bedroom window now. We'll see how much better he's doing tomorrow. It can take up to twenty-four hours for the full power of the fluids. I do know the tenting test on the back of his neck shows him to be much better hydrated than he was this morning.

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02:25 PM - 01/06/2014

The topic: My first post with my new keyboard


It seems to be okay, it's much smaller than my late keyboard. There a little noise typing, but not much. It's seems quick to respond. 

I think it will be okay. Now to figure out the hot keys. I haven't used those in forever, they didn't work on my last keyboard, don't know why.

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11:16 AM - 01/06/2014

The topic: Back in October


We went to our first "free advance screening" movie. Snagged the tickets from a local newstation. It was a learning experience.

Because they weren't the only station giving away passes. They say "be there early". We figured a half hour before the movie was supposed to start was "early". We were wrong. banana

We've realized that we need to leave the house a half hour before the movie is supposed to start. 

So, the movies we've seen are Riddick, Thor (3D), and Philomena. We got Riddick and Thor from the same news channel. Philomena came from AARP's Movies for Grownups

We missed out on Catching Fire and we really wanted to see this. We ended up seeing that on the last day it was playing locally, the first movie of the day and we used passes I'd bought years ago so it didn't cost a cent.

Well, last week there was a promotion for the movie "Her" that supposed to start later this week. We're seeing that tomorrow.

And in this morning's mail was an invite from AARP for another Movies for Grownups choice. "Labor  Day".  We're seeing that next week.

As well as timing, the other thing we learned is to have dinner before we go. That way we won't be tempted to buy munchies at the theater. For one, they cost way too much and for two, we end up feeling really crappy. I felt really bad after Riddick so it made the choice a lot easier. We will buy water, but that's it. At Catching Fire I bought large Dasani waters for both of us and I like the bottle so much, I'm still using it. 


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