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      Thursday, January 02, 2014

04:20 PM - 01/02/2014

The topic: The little voice in my head


Is telling me I need to update the software that runs this weblog. Then after that, update the editor. Then do the add-on for the plugins for the editor. I keep looking at my zip files that have the included upgrade files.

I've got a house to clean. I've got a bracelet to make for an upcoming birthday (yeah, you know it, Jolene). I've got some stuff I want to cut out and glue and make pretty things. I've got laundry that needs to be put away. I've got a cupboard in the kitchen that's in dire need of reorganization. I can't find a thing with all of the bottles and jars falling down on me when I try. I really need to make my Christmas cookies (looks at a calendar - Brian got a couple from his mom today).

I've got nasty stuff on the floor that prevents me from walking barefoot on the floor (best way to get the floor washed is walk on it barefoot).

And my little head voice is screaming "UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE SOFTWARE, MUST BE DONE! NOW!" The latest upgrade was December 10th. The last time I upgraded was March 1, 2013. Before that it was sometime in 2009. There's no hurry, there's no rush at all. 

STFU, little head voice, just stfu.

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02:46 PM - 01/02/2014

The topic: Jackie’s doing great


He'll actually sleep in the family room with us in there. Here's a photo I took Wednesday and another I took this morning. He's cuddled up with his wife, Katie. She loves him again, she's all over her not speaking to him after the neuter. I gave him a little head scratch this afternoon, he let me do his chin and I noticed his tomcat jowls have gone. 

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02:26 PM - 01/02/2014

The topic: Calendars, I need calendars


I have the stuff to make them. The Bazzill paper I got from HSN.com is printable on both sides, with no bleed through. Back in the grasshopper days I got this thing that punches holes in paper and plastic binders that fit the holes. The widest one I have is eleven inches, that would work nicely on twelve inch paper. A half inch on each side doesn't seem like it would be a huge problem.

I'd use WinCalendar for the months. 

The problem?  I've got to choose the pictures. And the pictures have to be square.

Well, that's two problems. I'm paralyzed now. 

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the morning walk
02:03 PM - 01/02/2014

The topic: Back to walking


this week. Did the short school walk Monday and Tuesday, slept in yesterday, then this morning started the long walks again. We really need to do this. Anyway, I'm going to try to remember to take my camera with us. It's not that there's always something I'd like to take a picture of, but there've been too many times I wished I had my camera. 

This morning I took some at the top of the hill, amazingly clear morning, at least looking towards the mountains (east). Towards the ocean, not so much, but still pretty.

At the top of the hill. I love these palm trees, I love the way they move in the morning breeze and the way the morning sun hits them.

Over looking El Cajon, California. I like the faint mist hanging over the city. The tall building that's towards the right in the center is a court building. It used to be a jail, but the walls were made of styrofoam and prisoners were kicking their way out. Foam walls for a prison. I wonder who came up with that bright idea. 

On the way back down the hill, this made me laugh. We don't get into the holiday spirit here. It makes me a little sad, I miss buying and wrapping and handing out gifts. I miss the decorated tree in the house. The cats ruined that. But there are no children in the immediate family, not close by anyway. My mom used to love Christmas, when she was well. But in her last few years of life, she wasn't excited about it. We used to celebrate with Brian's mom, but a while back she said "no more gifts, it's just too much". That would have been fine, except it turns out it was just for the family locally. wavey Well, my years long banishment from family gatherings kind of got me out of the spirit, too, there's no denying that. Now, it's just me and Brian and the cats. NBD.

Yeah, Santa, I know exactly how you feel.

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