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      Tuesday, December 24, 2013

08:13 PM - 12/24/2013

The topic: Woohoo! Merry Christmas!


Having the same thing happen to an entry for today that started the problems last week (this software is choking on the word x*anax when it's spelled properly and I can't submit the post), doing a search for that word in the directory I'd downloaded last week, my system's search function found that very same word in an old sql file. One that I'd saved and downloaded on March 1st of this year. 

And comparing it to the file I downloaded last week, it's 9Mb bigger!  All of the entries from before March 1st have been saved!  I'll only have to do the rest of this year, which shouldn't really take all that long.

And to help me get those files back in, Ellislab is letting me take advantage of the three month free help trial, even though I bought and paid for this software back in 2009. (I first installed it back in March, which is when I saved that old sql file.)


It is a good Christmas after all!

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06:47 PM - 12/24/2013

The topic: I’m catching up…


I was up at 5:30. I couldn't sleep so I figured I'd get a jump on the paperwork. I hate it when the reconciliations don't go smoothly and this was one of those times. Neither October or November. October wasn't as bad as November. One of the problems is when I input the payments, I didn't change the month. And in the case of Paypal, I didn't input the payment and I didn't deduct the fees. (I make two entries for Paypal.) Then in November, I had the same month problem, but added to that there were credits, both for Paypal and the credit card. And where I have them broken out in my check journal, they aren't broken out in the deposits. Say someone pays $150 on the same day I credit $25. The bank statement reflects a deposit of $125. Then add in my misdating things. I did November at least three times.

While I was busy doing this, a cat fight began in a different part of the house. Sometimes they resolve quickly, it was obvious this wouldn't be one of those times. I got up and ran into the living room where I heard the cats under the futon. From the path of fur, it looked to have started in the dining room. It was Charlie and a black cat. I kept shouting at Charlie to stop, but he wouldn't. Finally, the black cat ran from under the futon and Charlie followed. Brian followed Charlie into the garage and I was right behind. I went after Charlie, grabbing him by the scruff of the neck and took him outside. My heart was pumping like crazy.

It took a while to get my adrenaline level under control, to help it I took a quarter of a xanax (better living through chemistry) and came back to the office. I finally finished the November reconciliation, then added payments and set up new accounts for December. I've finally got that part of the paperwork caught up.Yay!

Onto the filing. That didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would, so I'm pretty happy with the progress I made today.

We're not doing anything tomorrow. We talked about that a little and it's just not a big deal. If there were kids, maybe it would be. And like I told Brian, it kind of started when his mother announced that she was no longer going to get gifts for us all, it was just too much money. (Which would have been fine with all of us, but it was discovered she was sending stuff to the rest of the family, just the locals got stiffed.)

So, tomorrow I will get all the invoicing done for the shipments that have gone out since October. Should keep me busy for a while.

Brian told me not to worry about dinner, so we went out for fast food a little before six. Guess what? Wendy's was closed, Del Taco was closed so we went to Jack in the Box. They had an adorable Jack antenna ball for sale, Jack with an ear flap hat, I asked Brian to get one for me. She handed it to him and he handed it to me. No flaps! It was a regular antenna ball. She said they'd be getting the flap Jacks in again, so maybe I'll get another one. It was only a buck.

And the only Christmas present I'll be getting from Brian.

I do have two packages to open from my bestie. She said I couldn't open them until tomorrow. But it's tomorrow somewhere, right?

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