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      Saturday, August 10, 2013

07:45 PM - 08/10/2013

The topic: Remember my rant about someone having my login info?


This morning I turn on my computer. The regedit window is up. Huh?

I reboot. Same thing. Weird.

I turn on Trend Micro, which for some reason hasn't been starting up on it's own. I didn't notice it right away, it must have been a couple of weeks before I did.

I scanned the computer. Ruh roh. It finds a problem. I delete the files. I run a deeper scan with malwarebytes (the free one). Great. One of the seven problems it finds is spyware.password. Guess what? I think that's how whoever got my information.

So, I spend all day running programs and cleaning my system. Amazingly, Trend is starting up on its own again. Looks like somehow something got onto my computer (I'm usually pretty careful, but these things can slip through) and it put spyware on my system and shared my login and passwords. Great.

I've checked the bank accounts and credit card websites, doesn't look like any damage was done there.


But I'm safe again.

And I got a bunch of paperwork done. All the deposits have been entered into QuickBooks. Tomorrow, I'll generate invoices and reconcile the bank account. Four months worth. That's always a laugh and a half.

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04:29 PM - 08/10/2013

The topic: Brian has his work truck up for sale on Craigslist


He gets a phone call yesterday and twice today. He didn't get them in time, so he calls back.

They can sell his truck! All he has to do is pay them $250 and they guaranty it will be sold within thirty days. If it isn't, they'll keep trying to sell it until it's sold at no additional cost.

Sounds too good to be true. He gave them his email address. They send a jpg of an ad. With a company name on it.

I look it up. It's a scam. I take his phone and block the number. And then I show him the little part at the bottom of the Craigslist ad where it states that it's not okay for people to call with services, etc.


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12:10 PM - 08/10/2013

The topic: Something else that made me happy


After two years of trying, I was able to get photos from my dumbphone sent over to my FaceBook page. Two years ago FB changed their settings and I couldn't figure out how to fix it.

But earlier this week I tried again and I'm good to go.

I signed up for the FB mobile, this generates an email address. I thought I had to use email to send the pictures and that cost data money and we don't have a data plan, so I never tried it. Well, last week I tried it because I read in a forum that this doesn't go against data.

And it doesn't! Sending a text to email doesn't count against data, it counts against my messages.

I'm happy!

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11:03 AM - 08/10/2013

The topic: I absolutely hate doing paperwork


And because I hate doing paperwork, I don't do it very often. I started on some stuff about a month ago and, because we don't have much, I just put it off. Well, I'm working on it today, I want to get it done and over with.

It doesn't help one bit that the cats just have to be right in the middle of my stuff. Makes me crazy. I yell at them, move them and they just come right back and lay on my stuff.

I can be in here for hours with nothing in front of me and the minute I pull out my pile of paperwork, there they are.

I really hate paperwork.

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