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      Thursday, November 29, 2012

11:51 AM - 11/29/2012

The topic: Way back when thing$ were good


And Brian was making good money, he took a client’s advice and we bought some stock.  One of them was Qualcomm, which we sold back in October (as well as some Disney stock) to pay for materials from the glass company (one of the contractors he did work for didn’t get paid and in turn didn’t pay his subcontractors, although he now has a lawyer and is going after the people who didn’t pay) and put some money into the cat fund (before we knew that Spot needed surgery).  There were a couple of other companies, we don’t follow the stock market, but every once in a while I’d check our TDAmerican account to see what we had.

Earlier this year, I was looking at them and one of the stocks we bought (I don’t know how much we bought or what we paid for it; we have no paperwork on it unless it’s up in the rafters in his shop in a box) was three cents a share.  We had three thousand of them and it just made me laugh to look at it.  Wow, we’re gonna be rich! Hahhaha was the line of thought.  I tell Brian about it, he laughs. Then a couple of days later he said that we should buy a bunch of it, enough to bring it to ten thousand shares.  Thinking it over, I said “no, we need to buy enough to make ten thousand and one shares so we can tell people we have over ten thousand shares of stock in one company”.

So, we did it. We bought seven thousand and one shares of EDIG at .033 per share.

I checked it this morning. It’s now selling for .10 a share.

Woohoo! We’re gonna be rich!  Hahahahaha!

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09:02 AM - 11/29/2012

The topic: I like this


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07:24 AM - 11/29/2012

The topic: Woohoo!


Fit Rite's gotten seven orders this week! Keep 'em comin', Gentleman Farmers, Hobby Farmers and all you guys with smaller tractors!

Mamma needs a new pair of shoes!

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