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      Monday, October 29, 2012

12:32 PM - 10/29/2012

The topic: Yay, Spotty!


He's peeing on his own! He can come home tomorrow afternoon. Of course, he'll be confined to the crate for two to three weeks, but he'll be home!


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09:34 AM - 10/29/2012

The topic: Still taking donations


that will go towards Spot’s surgery.  Over the summer and with his surgery last week, we’ve spent close to $4500.00.  (He blocked at least four times, had numerous ultrasounds, blood tests to make sure his kidneys hadn’t shut down, hospitalizations, different medications - ie: four Adequan shots at $58.00 each, it all adds up.)

My PayPal is nuttybuddy @ catler.org (no spaces).  If you use PayPal, please choose the “personal” option, otherwise PP takes 4.4% from what you send.

I really appreciate the prayers and donations you’ve been making on his behalf.

The last time I spoke with Rainy, Saturday night, Spot still wasn’t peeing own, but I understand from what I’ve read on the internet that this isn’t uncommon. The bladder becomes distended when it’s full and it takes a while to get back into a place where it works properly. I’m hoping that’s the case with Spot.

I’ll find out more later today.

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09:11 AM - 10/29/2012

The topic: The occasional camera is back up!


Since I switched out computers a couple of months ago, I set up the camera computers differently. Used to be the weather station and the catchair cam ran on Brian’s computer, which was on 24/7.  Well, he got a new computer and it didn’t have the right hardware to run the weather station so I took his old computer, cleaned the hard drive and set up the cameras on that.  One computer dedicated to the catcams and weather station.  Except it’s not capable of running five cameras and one weather station all at the same time.

It would freeze up, nothing would work.

So, last week I decided to get the occasional camera set up on my new computer. The old camera wouldn’t work and I couldn’t find any updated driver software to get it to work with a win7 64bit system. Then I tried one of the 3 home connect/vicam/watchport cameras I’ve got and same thing.  No support from the company for new computer systems.  Then I tried a Logitech Orbit AF webcam but didn’t take the time to work the software. I saw the picture was blurry and disconnected that one (I should have checked out the software).  Then I found a refurbished Logitech QuickCam Pro 5000 that I bought on Woot about five years ago.

I tried setting that up and no luck. The next day I started looking for drivers and on one of the Logitech forums I found the information I needed.  I got the camera to work.  The picture was still fuzzy, but I played with the settings and now it’s clear as a bell.

I put some hooks in the hallway wall and ran the cable along that and it’s now so unobtrusive I think I can just leave it hooked up.

And, once again, the occasional cam runs.

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09:07 AM - 10/29/2012

The topic: One of the things the vet mentioned


last Wednesday was the amount of fleas Spot had.  He had a lot.

So, yesterday, I got out the Advantage in the supply closet, the old stuff, never opened. Checked, no expiration date.  I used up almost four of the largest dog sizes.  Only four cats have not been treated. Jackie, Autumn, Monica and Joey.  I can probably get the last two, but I’ll have to be very, very sneaky (like I did to Pete this morning, caught him when he was sleeping).

Lots of dead fleas this morning.  Poor skinny Kirby, I kept combing the dying critters off of him last night.  I bet they all feel way better today, without things crawling all over them.

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