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      Monday, October 15, 2012

07:58 PM - 10/15/2012

The topic: Piecaken


Brian is going to attempt a piecaken for me tomorrow. I’ve been bugging Jolene for months to make one and she refuses using the excuse “I don’t bake”. Well neither does Brian, but he’s gonna give it his best shot.

I wanted lemon cake, blueberry pie. He came home from the grocery store with a frozen blueberry pie and two boxes of yellow cake mix. Uh, honey? Yellow cake isn’t lemon.

It’s very sweet of him, I think.

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02:05 PM - 10/15/2012

The topic: Doctor visit


My BP medicine has been doubled.

He gave me the gown and a thing to drape over myself for my PAP test. I just looked at him, he wasn’t supposed to be doing that, I’ve got another doctor who will do that. He asked me when my last test was, I told him last year. He asked me when was my last abnormal PAP test and at first I didn’t understand the question. Then I held up my hand making a big zero.  He said “good, then you don’t need another one for two more years”.

Then he did the breast thing (didn’t I tell the woman when I made this appointment that I had a doc for that?) and they’ll be calling me to make an appointment for my mammogram (but I get mine done over on Fletcher Parkway, at Grossmont Imaging…I guess not anymore, oh, well, one doctor instead of two won’t be a problem).  When he was smooshing my boobies with his fingers (ask me if I’m glad I shaved under my arms this morning - I even told him that, he laughed), he said “you have nice soft breasts, they’re not lumpy like a lot of breasts” (I think he left out the “as old as yours”) “so it’s easier to feel for things that shouldn’t be there”. Okay.

I told him I was taking the OTC omeprazole because of my stomach acid being really bad after the surgery last year. He told me to stop taking it for a while and if the acid comes back, to let him know. He doesn’t like omeprazole for long term use. And I asked him (again) about my right ear making me nuts because it’s like it wants to pop, but won’t. This time he looked in it and then asked me to open wide and say “ah” and when I tried to say it, my nasal passages started to drain right then and “ah” came out all garbled. I apologized and I said “I guess you’re right, it’s allergies”. He just smiled.

We really both like this guy and if anything good came out of me rolling the car down the hill a few years ago, getting a primary care doctor for the both of us is it.

Then they did the blood draw and I was on my way.

Came home and took another Lisinopril, it’s hotter than snot here today, I had to do that stock selling thing, boy, howdy was I angry, quite ready to do a voodoo doll of the guy who’s not doing right by his subcontractors and make him hurt. And then I got this ginormous headache, light headed and don’t know if it’s stress or the additional BP pill.

Hope tomorrow is better.

Stupid hot sucky weather.

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06:29 AM - 10/15/2012

The topic: Well, I’m up early


It’s still dark outside.  I need to take a shower and I can’t eat anything because I’m headed to the doctor for my annual physical.

I called him around the end of September and asked if there was anything I could take to bring down my anxiety level for the Disney trip. He prescribed Xanax. He told me to not take more than one a day and to start with only a half.  The prescription was for twenty pills, non-refillable. And then he said “I haven’t seen you since July 2010, I think you should come in for a physical.  So, that’s today.

And the Xanax works nicely, I only take a quarter of a pill and my mood levels out.  Well, I’m in a better mood and I don’t feel like ripping anyone’s lips off.  That’s really nice. grin

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