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      Saturday, October 13, 2012

09:37 AM - 10/13/2012

The topic: We had our annual meet last week


There’s only one more.  Next year will be the final meet.  It will be the fifteenth meet and I’ll be sixty years old.

I’d made up my mind before this trip and how I felt after this trip nailed it.

I’m just tired.

Brian got bad news when we got up there (the contractor who didn’t get paid last year from his customer and stiffed us for four grand most likely will be stiffing us for another almost seven grand this year - Brian got the phone call as we were pulling into the hotel). That night didn’t get much better from there. Jack and Allyson bought our dinner (thank you, thank you, thank you!).  Brian’s favorite time, drinks at Tortilla Jo’s, tanked because his drinking buddies were no shows (until his mood was so rotten you couldn’t pour a margarita down his throat with a funnel - he won’t drink when in a bad mood).

Friday was a pretty good day, we hit a lot of rides in the morning following RideMax. The Disneyland portion ended around 3:30. Then some of us went over to DCA, the rest back to the hotel. We didn’t see that group until we passed them when they were eating dinner.  We ended the night early.

Saturday we got a fairly late start.  Headed over to Disneyland, rode Autopia.  Then kicked around some more, had lunch at Carnation, where we met up with Jack and Allyson.  Then we headed over to Disney’s California Adventure.  We rode on the Racer’s, long line, but it’s such a fun ride. They we met up with the couple that couldn’t make it on Thursday in DownTown Disney. We’d seen the bay girls Saturday morning when they were having breakfast (the only time we’d seen them Saturday) and Saturday night I texted them to let them know we were in DTD meeting with the other local couple at 6:30pm. They came over, we spent an hour or so just talking, then we called it a night.

This was our least expensive meet ever.

But it’s looking like it’s time to put an end to the meets.  One more year, then I’m done.  Sure, we can meet up with the locals and maybe with the out of towners, should they ever visit again, but no more meets where we make plans to be together.  I’m not going to do it.

The petsitter did an awesome job, but we lost Chandler anyway. Both Chandler and Spot were in crates (because both needed meds).  I think the stress of us being gone didn’t help Chandler at all. Not to say that the outcome would have been different, but I’d feel better about his final days.

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06:53 AM - 10/13/2012

The topic: We lost Chandler


He lost his battle with cryptococcossis.

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