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      Wednesday, February 22, 2012

03:10 PM - 02/22/2012

The topic: Georgie update


Vet just called. Georgie is in stage two renal failure, which isn't bad at all. His BUN is 35, his creatinine is 2.7.

So, the vet's calling in an order of Calcitriol for him (it's from a pharmacy in Arizona) and George should do well on that alone. No fluids! Yay!

Georgie is also slightly anemic, so this stuff should help that, I guess.

Cost of today's visit - $176.85. Now for his meds....

Calcitriol...$47.00. Probably a couple of months' worth.

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01:50 PM - 02/22/2012

The topic: Georgie to the vet this morning


Brian mentioned last week that George sure seems to be drinking a lot of water. I said he should probably get into the vet for a geriatric blood panel (he'll be seventeen on April first), at least if he's got kidney problems, we can get on top of them. Brian didn't quite understand my meaning and I told him fluid therapy will help prolong his life.

So, this morning, Georgie visited TED and had blood drawn. He hasn't lost any weight since his last visit in 2007 (I think he has, I think he gained some weight after that visit and has since lost it), his teeth look good, his vitals are good, so all we need now are the test results.

Which should be later today.

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11:00 AM - 02/22/2012

The topic: lisaviolet postcards are no longer available


I don't know if anybody was using them or not, but I hadn't maintained them in years.

And I was made aware earlier this week that they had been hacked and contained malware, resulting in a "dangerous" designation from both Trend Micro and Yandex.

So, that entire portion of the website has been removed.

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