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      Friday, February 17, 2012

05:02 PM - 02/17/2012

The topic: DaNiece update


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She's home.

The vet didn't do anything to her ear. But he did run blood tests.

Her bloodwork came back good, everything is as it should be. He said her thyroid glands were big so he ran a thyroid test, but it came back negative. He asked if she's been more active recently (yes, she's been wrassling with her brothers; something I haven't seen her do in quite a while). This happened with another cat he saw today, so he's sending the bloodwork out for testing at an offsite lab. He said he's wondering if he got a bad batch of tests. Of course, the new testing will be done at no cost to us.

About her ear. He said he believes it is a hematoma, caused by some sort of trauma. He said that he could perform surgery on it and charge us three hundred bucks. And she'd have a pucker at the tip of her ear. Or, he could do nothing, we can wait and see if the swelling goes down, she'll have a pucker at the tip of her ear. So, we save three hundred dollars and she has a pucker at the tip of her ear. Of course, if the ear continues to swell we will have to bring her in, but he thinks it will resolve by itself.

Poor little DaNiece.

Today cost us $175.00.

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09:11 AM - 02/17/2012

The topic: Brian got home last night


And was laying on the sofa. The cats are all over him "daddy's home! daddy's home!". He's petting DaNiece and said "did you notice her ear, it's all puffy?"

So, I check it out, yes, it was all puffy, like a little pillow. It didn't seem to bother her much. I figured I'd check it out this morning.

And this morning, it's more puffy and the puff looks dark. I'm thinking she has a hematoma, which needs medical assistance. It's not life threatening, but it is painful and doesn't resolve well on it's own. I called the vet's office this morning, they're booked up but I can drop her off before 11:00. Which means the vet will look at her during his lunch/surgery time.


Poor little Neecy.

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Looking at this closeup, it almost looks like there are little teethmarks...which could mean it's an abscess, not hematoma...

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