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      Monday, January 02, 2012

09:11 AM - 01/02/2012

The topic: I haven’t mentioned Skip lately


Because I've been so involved with other stuff (me).

But Skip is looking great! He's put weight back on, has his appetite back and can be seen stalking gophers throughout the day. Since the weather's cooled off, he does spend more time inside, sleeps on the bed during the day, but when it warms up, he's back outside (we've had some really cool weather, in the 30s in the morning warming up to the mid-fifties, which is just really weird, I'm used to having the doors and windows open year round).

But whatever was eating him, has left the building.

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09:07 AM - 01/02/2012

The topic: We started walking again today


The month of November was useless because I was recovering from the surgery.  December, we tried, but we had lots of rainy mornings and we just didn’t want to.

But, this morning, we walked. We did the full walk. Yay!

But it was a sad walk. Up the street was a pile of entrails. Small animal, probably rabbit or cat, but there was no fur or bones, just those entrails.  Damned coyotes. (I hope it wasn’t the cat who got into our garage last month…must not dwell on it.)  Then on the main street, there was a cat who had been run over by at least one vehicle. Why the hell people who live so close to that road (two lanes each way with a turn lane in the middle, speed limit 45) let their cats out is beyond me.

On the way up the last hill, I saw another pile. I said “please don’t do this to me, I just can’t stand to see another one” but it was just someone’s shirt.

Other than that, the walk was good. Great way to start the new year.

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