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      Monday, June 28, 2010

02:09 PM - 06/28/2010

The topic: I feel like I’m in an episode of Hoarders…


As I’ve mentioned before, Brian has to move out of his workshop since the economy tanked and work is slow to pick up and that’s money better spent.

So, he’s moving into the shop we had built years ago here at home.  His brother is helping him clean it out. His brother is very practical, has no emotional bond with some of the stuff that’s getting tossed or going to recycle or going to Goodwill. 

Brian looked like he was going to cry when he pulled out the wood patterns he used for making the cathouses way back when and Mark said “what do you need those for?” When Brian said “to make cathouses” Marked scoffed and replied “you’ll make all new ones, you won’t be using that stuff.”

I can’t believe how sad Brian looked. Probably the same way I looked when I said “okay” about sending all of my old speakers, in the shop since we redid part of the house, to Goodwill.  Mark asked what I needed them for.  “For my media room in the new house.”  He said “when that happens, you’ll get all new ones, probably built into the walls.



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09:21 AM - 06/28/2010

The topic: Well, today is the day


That Brian is going to start emptying out his shop.  He’s had an offsite workshop forever and now, due to the poor economy, he’s moving it home.

His brother is going to help him.  I wonder what it will be like, him working here.  When he does jobs, they leave, but the prep will be done here in his shop in the backyard.

Gee, you might even be able to watch via the backyard cam.

I wonder how the cats will handle it. The comings and goings during the day. Having part of their yard blocked off (for Brian’s work truck). It has to be in the backyard to keep it safe from thieves.  His toolbox is on it and it’s hell to replace all the tools when one goes missing (that’s happened at least twice, once when it was out front overnight, another time at a Home Depot in Arizona).

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