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      Tuesday, June 01, 2010

02:54 PM - 06/01/2010

The topic: They lie…


You know how Jack in the Box has new fries, how they’re supposed to be soooo much better than their other ones?

Last week we drove through a JIB and got small cheeseburgers, Jack tacos and fries.  Those fries were nasty.  I only had a few. 

We got home and I shared them with the cats. Cats turned up their noses at them, even Sammy, who just loves French fries.

So, I threw them outside in the grass.  Those fries are so bad, even the bugs won’t eat them.  A week later, there are still Jack in the Box French fries intact.

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12:16 PM - 06/01/2010

The topic: When it rains it pours


Remember I rolled my car and killed it?  (By the way, the other guy’s adjuster says I’m fifty percent at fault because I overreacted.  If I’d taken the hit I’m told it would have been equivalent to about eight miles an hour and not have caused the damage it did. Like everybody knows that.  And I’m lucky they’re giving us anything, they only are because we have the same insurance as the at fault driver.  Well, when we finally get it settled, I may be done with THEM, but I won’t be done with THIS, because it’s just wrong.  If the other driver had not been making an unsafe lane change, I’d have not rolled my car.  And that’s the bottom line. I’ll start filing complaints when the insurance settles with this.  It probably won’t help me, but it might help someone else.)

And then the tranny went out on the Mustang when we went to the lawyer’s office? (And AAA would only tow us seven miles for free?)

Well, this past weekend Brian washed the trucks and came in shaking his head.  He said the rotors on the brakes on the Ranger were bad.  I told him “well, it was slow to stop” and he said he didn’t realize it (don’t know how one could not have realized it, the brakes have been so sluggish, but then I wasn’t driving it all the time like he was).  Then I said “so, it’s not safe to drive?”  And he said it was safe to drive.

There was a moment of silence as I thought this over.

Then I said “but it’s not safe to stop.”

He laughed.  But we haven’t driven it since he found the problem. We took his truck shopping.

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