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      Friday, November 27, 2009

03:04 PM - 11/27/2009

The topic: Sammy’s home


His bloodwork is fine, the vet took a full body x-ray, that’s fine.  Well, the bloodwork did show an elevated WBC, but his organs are all functioning properly.

What didn’t look fine were his teeth.  He’s on a week of Clindamycin to knock down the infection (elevated WBC) and then the vet wants him in for a dental.

He also got a shot for the vomiting. 

The teeth thing really didn’t surprise me.  Because Richie, Opie and Daniece have all had dental problems. I know that Angel most likely needs her teeth checked, too.  So, that would be all five kittens of Little Guy. Sister to Katie and Mystie. And if you recall, Mystie went in earlier this year for dental problems. She had four teeth pulled.

So, nothing life threatening, but the whole thing was pretty scary to us.  Both Brian and I had upset stomachs and headaches this morning.  I know it happens to me, but I didn’t know it happened to him, too.

Sammy jetted from the carrier when I opened it when we got home. I have no idea where he is right now.  lol

Thanks for all the good wishes, I know they helped with better news that I expected.

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08:35 AM - 11/27/2009

The topic: Some good thoughts, please?


I just got back from dropping Sammy off at the vet’s office.  He started vomiting Wednesday.  At first there was kibble in it, but as the day progressed and all day yesterday, just white foam.  I’d usually let it go another day, to see if it resolves, but it’s just too close to the weekend and I don’t want to put him through a trip to the emergency vet.  He’s not lethargic and he does react, but seeing him on my pillow this morning, wasn’t a good sign.  He just doesn’t feel good.

At least he got off the bed when he threw up.  I followed him when he left the bedroom and he wanted to go outside, via the garage door. I opened it for him and he walked outside, and just looked at me and cried. I went into the bedroom to get some shoes and something warmer to wear, in case I needed to follow him, but when I went back out, he was sitting in the family room.  I picked him up and cuddled him in my arms, then sat in the rocking chair, slowly rocking with him on my shoulder. And he didn’t purr. Sammy, one of the purringest cats every, didn’t purr for me.

I’m hoping it’s a hairball.  I’m hoping that’s all it is. Yes, they can be pretty bad, but I think the outcome is a lot more positive than some of the other things it might be.

So, keep your fingers crossed that’s as bad as it is.

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