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      Wednesday, November 25, 2009

06:47 AM - 11/25/2009

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So, we go for our walk yesterday morning, all the way to the top of the hill and are halfway down.  We still have to head over to the school.  It’s about a 2.5/3.0 mile walk when all is said and done.

We’re talking about glass etching. See, one of my BFFs turned me on to a QuicKutz SILHOUETTE-1 Digital Craft Cutter on my birthday earlier this year. She’d made one of the sweetest photo books, full of pictures of six years of Disney memories.  I was really impressed with her work (the book is where I can look at it often, what the hell was with my hair in 2003? What was I thinking?  OMG!). 

So, when we got home, I did some research and ended up getting one of these sweet machines. And as anal as I am, I wanted all the supplies I’d need before I began to play with it.  I don’t plan on using it for scrapbooking, I don’t have the patience for that (and not that many people to scrapbook for, sad as that sounds).  But the vinyl possibilities intrigued me.  You know, the vinyl wall stickers? And the vinyl decals on vehicles? This thing will do it. Yes, the size is limited, but I’m not looking to do great huge things. 

One of the thing it will do is etching glass. Well, it doesn’t etch the glass, but you can use the machine to make a “stencil” and put that on whatever you want etched, use the etching solution and voila! Etching!

So, on our walk we were discussing glass etching. And how the gummint and EPA have cracked down on using sandblasting as a method of etching glass. And as we were talking, my left foot came down on a loose piece of asphalt.  My ankle gave way, you could hear it pop. And I went down.  Knees first.  Hands second.  It hurt.  I scraped my right knee pretty much, but my sweatpants were intact (go figure). And my right palm hurt, it started to swell up.  I could put a small amount of weight on my foot, so I didn’t think anything was broken, just sprained.  Lovely.  We made it home okay, didn’t finish the walk because I was in hobble mode.

I tried to take it easy yesterday, but litter boxes needed cleaning and the futon cover had to be washed. The night before some kitty had had explosive poo on the covers and I’d already washed those, they were in the dryer. But during the night, some kitty decided to pee on the blanket.  Luckily, it was over pee pads (do I know these cats?) but these blankets also needed laundering.  Into the wash with them. I got the dishes done and didn’t do a lot of walking around the house yesterday, no more than necessary (I really need to run the sweeper).  Brian made dinner last night and also did the dishes.  Yay!

He helped get the cats in (had to chase Little Bit in, she had been in earlier, but went back outside before they were in for the night, she cruises down by the pool and has to be chased back up to the house).  I got them fed, got Miss Elizabeth, Bart and Oliver medicated, then settled down to watch television.

The ankle is why there was no occasional cam or dinner cam yesterday.  Or today. 

So, we went to bed a little after nine last night.  I felt something crawling in my hair, limped into the bathroom to check it out. Oh, joy, a flea. This isn’t a good thing, means I’ve got Advantage to dole out, never my most fun cat job. But it would explain the itching and chewing and hairballs we’ve had coming back up.  Sent the flea down the bathroom drain and went back to bed.

At four this morning, I asked Brian if he would open the door to let the cats out.  He did. At five, we heard a cat retching. At five-thirty, I think I will get up, take some Excedrin and go back to bed and let it start to work on my ankle pain.  I notice the clock on the filing cabinet is askew.  I hopped/limped into the office to see what was up with that.  Great.  I see a pile of company paperwork on the floor in front of the litter box.  It’s been peed on.  Stuff that needed to be filed.  Great.  We’re having an audit next month, I hope nothing that’s wet will be needed.  I go back to the bedroom, put some clothes on and back to the office to clean up the mess. Take some of the stuff to the bathroom and rinse it off. It’s drying right now. 

Then I head to the kitchen, planning on taking that Excedrin.  I see the futon covers are all messed up. What went on in there, I wonder. I start to straighten it up and oh, I see what they were doing. They were covering poop!  At least it wasn’t runny this morning.  I had to go into the kitchen, grab some papertowels, clean up the poo, strip the covers off the futon.  I threw the stool out into the garage trash and took the covers into the laundry room, putting them in the washer on a heavy wash setting, hot wash, cold rinse.  I’ll re-rinse after the machine runs it’s course.

I finally got my Excedrin and went back to bed.  Sleep was gone.  I got up for the day and turned on the computer, went outside to get the paper and then fed KittyMeeze (NotWally has not been around since last week, I don’t like this). 

Brian has to go do the shopping today, I can’t.  He has to get pies for tomorrow (I gave up on pies, can’t even make a decent crust with a store bought one), I need marshmallows and powdered sugar. We need more canned cat food from the pet store, only have three cans left.

I’m making a carrot cake for tomorrow at his mom’s house, which I’ll do this morning.  Then I’ll roast some garlic. Tomorrow, I’ll make a bunch of mashed potatoes and split them, putting the garlic in one half for garlic mashed potatoes.  I’m also making the sweet potato casserole, which I’ll do first thing tomorrow. 

I just hope my ankle holds out.

And today will be a good day.  I just know it will.

And just after I put the top two futons covers in the dryer, I walk through the living room to go back to the office, I see someone pooped on the remaining two covers.  Which are now in the washing machine after being rinsed off in the tub. Arrgh!!!!!

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