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      Sunday, November 15, 2009

12:11 PM - 11/15/2009

The topic: Scary stuff


I got an 8GB Sansa Fuze from the last woot-off.  I needed another MP3 player like I needed another hole in the head, but there ya go.

So, I opened the box this morning and plugged it into one of my computer’s USB ports to see if there was anything on it (it’s a refurb).  Nothing on it.  Then I noticed my back button on my mouse didn’t work, so I rebooted my computer.

It wouldn’t reboot.  Came up with a message that system32\ntoskrnl.exe was missing or corrupt.  Fortunately, I’ve got other computers, so I did some research and I tried doing what they said. Problem was the recovery disk didn’t work as it should have. I was getting frustrated and, I admit, more than a little nervous.  Because one of the problems could be a bad hard drive. And I wondered what if I screwed something up yesterday?

So, I’m worried about Bart, my work computer won’t boot.  This isn’t looking good. And I started going over what I’d read online.  A bad keyboard could result in this message.  There was this, there was that.  The computer worked fine when I booted up first thing, why not now? 

I mentally backtracked what I’d done.  And I retraced those steps.  One of them was to disconnected the refurb Sansa from the computer.

Then I rebooted. 

Worked like a dream.


Although that’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back, I’ve still got my hard drive. And what more could ya ask for?  Two hours or a hard drive that doesn’t need to be reformatted? What a nightmare that would have been.

And I’m going to make those boot disks today.  You can count on that.  Just in case this happens again and there’s no Sansa connected to the system.  *lol*

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11:56 AM - 11/15/2009

The topic: I’m going to take Bart to the vet this coming week


Because I’m concerned about him. And I want him to be comfortable.

Last night, I did the hydration test (where you pick up skin and if it tents, there’s a problem; try it on your hand…do a little pinch and if the skin bounces back into place, you’re sufficiently hydrated, if it doesn’t, start drinking water and try it again later).  I gave him 60cc of fluids.  It seemed to help.

This morning, the hydration was awful, so I gave him 120cc. That was about an hour and a half ago and already, he’s doing better.  So, I’m wondering if maybe his kidneys are starting to fail, or if he’s just in so much pain from the arthritis that he’s not drinking and because he’s not drinking, he doesn’t want to eat and he just feels like crap.  My vet explained that being dehydrated you feel bad. This is how humans feel, translate that over to kitty cats. 

So, I figure the wisest thing to do at this point is to take him in.  If there’s anything I can do to help him feel better, I’ll do it.

Poor old guy.  He did just eat a little boiled chicken for me. And the fluids are hanging in his elbows right now (it can take a while for them to be asborbed into the system).  But I think he’s not feeling nearly as punky as he was twenty=four hours ago.

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