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      Wednesday, February 18, 2009

07:43 AM - 02/18/2009

The topic: I have a confession to make


I started hypnotherapy last October for weight loss.  I did this because I just can’t stick to a programmed diet.  Weight Watchers worked for me as long as I did what I was supposed to.  Long ago, Nutrisystem worked, as long as I ate their food and did what I was supposed to.

That’s not how I want to live.  I don’t want my diet regimented.  I just want to change my relationship with food.  There are two private sessions and twenty-eight group sessions.  One of the women who started the same time I did, has lost twenty-seven pounds!  Me, I lost around four the first month and nothing since.  But since I had that bout of IBS last month, the suggestions are finally kicking in.  I’m not thinking about food.  If I’m bored, I don’t go looking for something to eat. 

Without even thinking about it, I’m not drinking as many diet colas.  I’m not making coffee every morning.  I haven’t made any at home for almost two weeks.  I’m not going to the cupboard or refrigerator and opening the doors and looking for something to eat.  Because I’m just not that hungry. When I cook, I’m putting less on my plate.  We went to CostCo the other day and I had a slice of pizza for lunch.  I told Brian to have them split it in two and he could have half.  He said “you don’t need to have it cut” and I said “yes, I do”  because if it wasn’t cut, I’d eat more than I really needed (or wanted). 

When we go out to dinner, I ask for a salad instead of French fries.  At our weekly breakfast, I request the side of fruit instead of the potatoes I could get. Without it being a conscious thing.  Without the “I really shouldn’t have the fried potatoes, the fruit would be so much better for me….” thinking.  It’s just automatic.

This morning, for the first time since my mother died, I weighed under 180.  And I did it without thinking!  I didn’t watch what I ate, I didn’t count points or calories. 

So, I’m feeling confident now that it wasn’t a waste of money.  I can buy the CD of each session for ten bucks and I come home, transfer it to MP3 format and listen to it when I go to bed.  And it works.

I didn’t want to say anything until I felt it was working and I feel like that now. 

Anyway, the therapist has an online store if you’re interested.  It’s Hypnoworks.com.

Check it out.

I know it's working for me.

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07:36 AM - 02/18/2009

The topic: Bart’s back


Last weekend, he was playing.  I took pictures, but the memory card ate them.  He was chasing a jingle ball around in the hallway, then was jumping to grab my headset that is hanging from its recharge cord.

Last night, he could barely walk.  Of course, my first thought is his kidneys died.  But watching him closely, it was his back. I petted him, putting gentle pressure with my hand as I stroked down the length of his spine and halfway down, he went to his knees.  *sigh* 

So, last night I gave him as much bottled water as he would lap and he got a dose of Metacam, which he’ll also get today and tomorrow. That was what the vet instructed me to do when I took Bart in last year for this.   If this doesn’t help, I’ll have to call the him.  I’m sure it’s the arthritis.

But he’s already looking better.  He’s back in bed and I was just watching him, stretching out and rubbing his face with his paws.  He’s not acting sick at all, it just hurts him to walk. 

Poor old guy.

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