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      Monday, January 26, 2009

12:17 PM - 01/26/2009

The topic: Leftovers week


This week will be chock full of leftovers. 

We have:

beef and guacamole tacos
chicken parmesan
stuff pepper
chicken tortilla casserole

The beef for the tacos is leftover from last night.  I also cooked enough mashed potatoes to serve with the stuffed pepper. There’s only one of those and Brian can have it, I’ll just have a salad. 

Easy cooking week.  A good thing because after doing end of the year payroll stuff, I know I won’t be in a mood to cook much

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12:13 PM - 01/26/2009

The topic: End of the year stuff


I have to do end of the year payroll reports.  You know, W2s?  I’ve got state and federal fourth quarter reports to do, year end payroll summary reports to fill out, a W2 form to fill out and give to Brian’s brother (his only employee). 

It probably won’t take long.  I’m sure it won’t, not nearly as long as it used to take when I had to type everything out and Brian had three employees, but I sure am having a hard time getting started on it. And this stuff has to be postmarked, the latest, Saturday. 


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11:01 AM - 01/26/2009
We found three dimes and seven nine pennies on our walk this morning

The topic: Oliver & Co


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Okay, I told ya last week I was going to watch this and review.  I watched it last night, here’s my review.

I liked it, it was an okay movie.  A little dated, a little sad (the Twin Towers, still standing). 

The musical numbers were fun, the dogs had me laughing.  The beginning, with the kittens for sale and one lone kitten not getting a new home, but being left in the cardboard box and then the skies opening up and the rain coming down had me in tears.  What can I say, I’m a softie for a red kitten, who nobody wanted, left to fend for itself in the pouring rain.  My thoughts were “I’d like to find the effing morons who left those kittens there and give them a piece of my mind!”

I had to keep reminding myself “it’s just a movie, it’s just a movie….”

But it got better, it got lots better and the music was good, toe tapping good, Bette Midler as Georgette was right on and I wanted to reach right up and grab Tito and bring him home.  But then I’ve always had a crush on Cheech Marin. 

It’s not a long movie and like most Disney movies, there is a lesson to be learned and a happy ending.

The extras…

There are a couple of tunes from the movie, a few Disney shorts, a game and a scrapbook, just to name a few of the available bonus features. 

I found the scrapbook most interesting.  It has the concept art, storyboard art, all the way through to the publicity.  Helps to understand how these things come to be.  I used to like visiting the Gallery above Pirates at Disneyland, where you could see concept art and I miss it. 

I tried my hand at the game and it’s pretty easy, good for kids.  A learning experience, but they’ve made it fun.

All in all, I recommend this video.

Two paws up!

The official release date is next Tuesday, February 3rd.

Oliver and Company (20th Anniversary Edition) is in pre-order status on Amazon right now.

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