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      Wednesday, November 26, 2008

10:19 AM - 11/26/2008

The topic: Miss Elizabeth meets her new vet


Monday night, Miss did not want to come in. She was laying on the big pillow on the patio.  I carried her in, she growling the entire way.  Not a good sign.

Her lower abdomin was tender. She didn’t like me touching her legs or tummy and even lightly running my hand over her privates made her wince.  My immediate thought was constipation and I gave her some hairball formula.  Then I gave her an amoxicillan.  Then she drank a boatload of water and proceded to puke it all up. 

Yesterday, I made an appointment to take her in.  She did eat a full jar of baby food yesterday morning and a half a jar last night, but otherwise, has been off her feed. She wasn’t as sore and last night I was debating whether or not to cancel the appointment.  I decided to keep it.  After all, I’d rather get something taken care of before it happened, then end up at emergency with her.

So, I took her in, she cried the entire way, but was really good for the doctor. She just sat there quietly purring away.  He didn’t find anything wrong with her, she had no feces in her at all.  Of course, at her age (fifteen) he did suggest a blood panel.  Which didn’t come as a surprise.  He also took a urine sample and will call later today with the results.  He’s thinking maybe beginning stages of kidney disease, mostly because of her age.

On the way out, one of the girls said “your carrier is leaking”.  Miss was standing against the door, peeing out of it.  Copious amounts of urine. The floor got cleaned, I wiped off the bottom of the carrier and the door.  And poor Miss was just meowing away.  She probably had to pee and the vet pushing on her bladder to get a sample just opened the flood gates.  Once I got her home, she went outside, still thinking she needed to pee.

She’s better now, but I think she’s a wee bit embarrassed.  Poor old girl.

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