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      Monday, November 17, 2008

02:59 PM - 11/17/2008

The topic: Wii Fit


Okay, so I got the Wii last week.  I got the Wii Fit the day before.  Got everything set up and made sure the Wii worked.  Skimmed through the Wii Fit book, read what it’s gonna do, so I thought “well, I’ll wait until Monday”. 

I don’t throw out product boxes until I know the product works, so this afternoon I got all of the laundry that I had in the extra room off of the desk and chair and dumped it on the bed to fold and put away (it’s nice to have a room where the cats can’t go that clean laundry can stay clean until I get to it).  The laundry was mostly towels and bedding. Got that done and figured I’d throw out the Wii boxes, including the one for the Wii Fit.

Which meant I needed to test the Wii Fit balance board.

How much fun was that?  I found out I’m obese.  No surprise there.  But there are a couple of balance tests at the beginning and after I understood what I was supposed to do (third time is a charm; pretty simple, I was just supposed to stand still), my Wii age is 34.  Twenty one less than my actual age.  Nice!

I did a couple of the execises.  The step aerobics, the hula hoop, a balance exercise, and a little running exercise.  It’s nice that they exercises are geared towards your age and fitness level.  As you complete them, you get points and these points are added up and as they add up, more exercises open up for you.

One of the problems I found is that with the Wii Fit Balance Board, you are supposed to be barefoot.  Supposedly, socks or shoes cause slippage. Well, us older folk need shoes.  I did some research (various forums and blogs) and it seems that if you have one of the silicone sleeves for the Wii board, you should be okay.

Luckily, I ordered one last weekend from Amazon, so it should be here this week.  As well as a mat.

I think I’m going to like this.  I really want Brian to test it out, too.  I think he might enjoy it more than he thinks he will.

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10:09 AM - 11/17/2008

The topic: Opie’s got the runs


He’s had them for a while, but last night when he got on Brian, Brian was all disgusted because Opie’s tail was gross.

So, last night I started Opes on metronidazole (flagyl).  I’m glad I have so much of these meds on hand, it sure comes in handy. 

Because this stuff is so bitter, I put the pill in a gel cap and slide it down his throat.

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10:07 AM - 11/17/2008

The topic: Rachel’s eyes


Something’s going on with them.  I don’t know if it’s allergies or what. She’s acting fine, eating okay, coming up to my desk for attention and headbutts and rubs, but her eyes seems squinty.  Her left eye was kind of runny last weekend. It isn’t now, but they still seem a little sensitive.  I’m wondering if it’s the heat and the low low humidity we’ve got going now.

She’s terribly hard to medicate.

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09:33 AM - 11/17/2008

The topic: Growing old irritation


I hate these stupid chin whiskers.  I pluck them out as I find them.

And if I don’t pluck them out right away, I stinking sit here and play with them, thinking all the while “I hate these stupid chin whiskers.”

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