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      Friday, November 14, 2008

10:21 AM - 11/14/2008

The topic: The DVR


How did I ever survive watching television without this?  What I’ve got set.

Cold Case
Big Bang Theory
How I Met Your Mother
Two and a Half Men
Boston Legal
The New Adventures of the Old Christine
Gary Unmarried
Criminal Minds
Law & Order
My Name Is Earl
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Life on Mars

And when Burn Notice, Psyche and Monk return, I’ll be DVRing them, too!

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09:59 AM - 11/14/2008

The topic: Some kitty peed


in/on my coffee maker.  There was a lot of pee under it and I know some got inside.  Blech.  So far, I’ve run one cycle with vinegar and am on the second cycle with just water.

Burning cat piss really stinks.  It’s a nasty, nasty, nasty, vile smell.

Good thing it’s nice outside and all of the doors and windows are opened.

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09:34 AM - 11/14/2008

The topic: Movie reviews: Kung Fu Panda and Secrets of the Furious Five


We watched both of these really cute movies this week and I checked out the extras.

Let’s start with the second one first:  “The Secrets of the Furious Five”.  I’m doing this first because both Brian and I thought that this prequel is better watched first, to give insight into each of the Furious Five and how they became Kung Fu Masters.  The actual show was around twenty-two minutes.  The animations weren’t as detailed as in Kung Fu Panda, which was kind of a disappointment.

The extras are awesome, though. You learn how to draw the characters, learn which animal ruled at the time of your birth (I’m a snake, don’t get along with pigs), take a little test to find out which of the Furious Five you most compare to (mine was Mantis).  And there are more games and interactivity, as well as playing games on the computer. 

We liked it and it was a good addition to Kung Fu Panda.

Now, on to the main feature.

We LOVED it!  It was so cute and fun.  It seemed a little slow to me at first, but once it got going, it was really entertaining. 

This would be a great movie for family night, no double entendres (“gee, mom, what did he mean by that?”), not a lot of things that were adult in nature.  I think kids would get it.  And it’s got a great message, but it’s not preachy at all. 

And Dustin Hoffman rocks!  *lol*

There were a few kind of sad parts, but not like in many Disney movies that have you reaching for tissues, more of the “geez, that’s sad, okay, next…” type of moments.  And some pretty funny parts, too. 

One of things we like to do is place the voices, and let me tell you, we suck at it.  Maybe that’s why we like to do it.  The only voice I got was Dustin Hoffman (did I mention he rocks?). Now that I know who the other voices are, I’ll pay more attention when we watch it again.  And we will. Watch it again, that is.

Anyway, I recommend the set for an easy afternoon viewing.

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