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      Saturday, October 25, 2008

02:49 PM - 10/25/2008

The topic: The catcam


Brian’s computer, the same computer that runs the catcam, had that annoying little box in the systray for a while now, the one that lets you know you’ve got some upgrades that need to be installed.  He was tired of the thing, so I said “go ahead and install, but it will take a while, no use sitting there for it to happen”. 

He had some errands to run and I got the weather station and catcam back up and running.

But when I loaded the catcam, I also enabled the “follow face” option in the camera software.  It will be interesting to see how that goes.  If the cat is moving and you’re on the live page, you can watch the camera zoom in and out, looking for the best picture of kitty.

This should be interesting.

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09:56 AM - 10/25/2008

The topic: I like cable!


Oh, my gosh, I really like it!

I like being able to record two shows at once. I like being able to set the recorder to record at the same time every week.  Sure saves missing a show.  I like having so many channels to choose from, it’s great.

I like the movie channels “On Demand” service.  It’s a bummer that HBO doesn’t have On Demand High Def, neither does The Movie Channel (an HBO company, I believe), but the other ones are great!

I’ve set up a switchbox so that in the other rooms, you can watch straight cable (up to channel 99) or watch what’s on the cable box (even HD, but if the television isn’t HD, there’ll be no picture; this is how the set up was with the big dish) or watch what’s on one of the DVD players (we’ve got three, all have different functions, two I got on eBay for really cheap).

My only dislike is the guide.  I can block channels, but they still appear on the guide.  The 4DTV didn’t do that, if I blocked a channel, it no longer appeared on the guide.  I really have no use for the religious channels, the Mexican channels, the sports channels, the porn channels, or the Asian channels and it would be nice not to have to scroll past them on the guide.

In other news, remember me mentioning that we’re losing the money we prepaid for programming with the big dish?  Over $600.00?  Well, I called the company and was told that they officially cancelled service and we have a credit balance.  They will not send me any money, but I can buy stuff from their store.  I checked out the store and they have a Wii gaming system and a Wii fit application for it.  When they get them in, that’s what I’m getting.  And there will be some money left over. 

I checked yesterday and they’ve got a brand new Blu-Ray player for $149.00…..hmmmm…..

I wish the Wii systems would come in.  I’ve got five and a half months left to choose before I lose the credit.

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09:49 AM - 10/25/2008

The topic: Remember


this entry? Where I wonder about a hard winter? And I mention that the leaves on the plum tree were turning brown and dropping?

Look at these pictures I took yesterday.


click for a larger pic

click for a larger pic

click for a larger pic

Yeppers, we've got new green leaves and a fair amount of new blossoms. I think the plum tree is confused.

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