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      Wednesday, July 09, 2008

02:46 PM - 07/09/2008

The topic: Can’t connect to the internet?


So, we go to the dentist this morning.  Brian was making his next appointment when I got there.  He’s got a problem with one of his front teeth, the enamal is eroding and it has to be fixed.

I get mine cleaned, the dentist comes in, looks around my mouth, says “there’s decay around that filling” (translation: $ka-ching!$), so I have to go in and get that filling removed and refilled.  Next Tuesday for both of us.

Then over to my mom’s, where one of the park residents wants to buy her 26” television.  I throw in the combo DVD/VHS player and the cart it all comes in, for $150.00 (paid for my dental visit, leaving me two bucks).  Brian says when I get home, “hey, you can take us to lunch!”  *sigh*

So, we get back from lunch, it seems that Windows automatic update updated automatically while we were gone.  None of the cameras I set in the morning were running.  I get them running and gee, what’s this?  They’re not uploading to the internet.  Hmm.  Then I try connecting. Can’t.  On either computer.

Brian, who’s computer did not get updated automatically, is running fine.  Crap.  So, I do a sys restore on this computer and I can get back on to the net.  I do a quick search of not being able to connect to the internet after Win autoupdate and it seems with the most recent update, there’s some sort of problem with Zone Alarm, which runs on all of our computers.  I change a setting on the XP home system and get the camera rolling again.

Damned Windows.  I about had a heart attack.

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02:40 PM - 07/09/2008

The topic: Big yay!


The remote on the backyard cam once again is functional! The adapter got here, couldn't for the life of me figure out why it wouldn't work. The computer was looking for a driver, I thought the driver was with the camera software.

So, I call up my friend Tikky in Texas, who's also computer savvy (she builds websites for a living) and we pass ideas off on one another. I was hoping she might have some sort of ideas. She Googled for me, couldn’t find anymore than I had and I pulled the computer out and looked at the back, putting the USB connecter into a different place. 

And my eyes see the serial mouse port. 


I disconnected the serial cable from the adapter and plugged it into the serial mouse port at the back of the computer.  It fit!  And the remote control works once again!

Amazingly, when I folded up the adapter, a little bitty disk falls out of the folds of the cardboard.  Has the word “Driver” printed on it.


But, the remote once again works.

Oh, and Tikky told me I might consider moving the “live video” button from the menu to under the camera listings.

Yeah, yeah, I’ll think about it. *lol*

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tales from the parkside
07:29 AM - 07/09/2008

The topic: Thelma


She called me yesterday morning, right at eight. 

Mom visited her the previous night.  Same kind of dream/visitation I had.  Thelma told me she’d never felt anybody real in a dream before, but the entire thing was so real to her, not a bit of anything surreal.  Not weird and strange like dreams usually are.

She said it made her sad. But mom had put on weight and was warm.  There was substance to her.  I told her mom came to see her so she wouldn’t be sad, but to be happy that mom had moved on.

Boy, that mother of mine sure has a strong spirit.

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07:27 AM - 07/09/2008
We found a nice shiny dime on our walk this morning

The topic: Dentist this morning



Teeth cleaning, she’ll dig deep around my teeth and make them ache.  Since it’s been a year since I’ve had x-rays, I’ll most likely have to get those, where the doctor will find all is well in my mouth.

And it will cost two hundred dollars.  Or more.

Brian’s in the shower right now.  His appointment is at 8:00.  Mine is 8:50.

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