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      Monday, October 01, 2007

10:48 AM - 10/01/2007

The topic: My ass is not a pincushion


Okay, I ended up at Urgent Care yesterday.  Got a tetanus shot in my arm and an antiobiotic shot in my right butt cheek.  Super heavy duty shot in my butt cheek.  The rush of antibiotics hit me hard enough that I thought I was going to pass out. 

A prescription for augmentin.  Which is a stronger version of the amoxicillan I started taking Saturday (the stuff I use for the cats, only I took ten at a time instead of the one I give them).  I’m feeling much better today, but the doctor didn’t think I was doing as well as I thought I was and ordered another one of those antibiotic shots for me (I guess my stoic face and maniacal laughter when I tried to move my hand as he instructed didn’t fool him; “You aren’t out of the woods yet, we have to be very aggressive with this, it can be very nasty”).  Today’s nurse wasn’t as gentle as yesterday’s.  Today’s pinched my butt, shoved the needle in and pushed the plunger pretty steadily.  Yesterday’s pushed the plunger in slowly so it didn’t burn as much.

After the shot, after I had my jeans pulled up and fastened, I sat in the chair trying to place the pain in my ass.  The pain in my wrist was totally forgotten at this point.  I was quite pleased with myself when the answer came to me.  A bee sting.  It felt just like a bee sting.   Sadly, this knowledge did not make it hurt less.

Anyway, I am doing better.  I can actually kinda sorta type normally (that missing left index finger is a major speed bump) and this morning I took a shower, washed my hair and was able to comb it without help.  It’s amazing how many little things you take for granted.  Opening a door, unlocking a lock, opening a can of food to feed the cats, holding a book to read it….all are affected.

Not to mention the housecleaning that NEEDS to be done before our trip next Tuesday.

If this feels as much better tomorrow as it did today (and I have to see the doctor yet again!), I think I’ll be able to get it all done.

And…Charlie is still fine.  Even let Brian pet him last night.  He’s such a nice cat.

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