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      Monday, August 27, 2007

11:58 AM - 08/27/2007

The topic: KittyMeezer’s little buddy


I don’t know why I hadn’t mentioned this previously, but KM has a friend.  A red kitty, a boy kitty, an intact kitty.  He’s been around a couple of months.  I think his mom was Carla, because one of his ears is curled back like her’s was.

Anyway, we rarely saw him, but little by little, we’d see flashes of him as he ran off.

I guess KM let him know that we weren’t monsters and he would trot off when he saw us, no longer did he jet.

I would ask Kitty where his little buddy was and, of course, the name “Gilligan” came naturally after that.

Gilligan now doesn’t run out of sight whenever it’s time for breakfast or dinner, but he will move outside of the gate.  And if I’m inside, if I crank open one of the windows real slow while he’s eating at night and talk to him softly, he just looks at me and doesn’t run off.

I’m glad Meeze has a buddy.

Meeze would be gone during the day, spending time with Gilligan, but he’s recently stayed around here, fof most of the day.  Maybe one day Gilly will do the same thing.

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11:33 AM - 08/27/2007

The topic: Back from the vet


Welp, vet says my darling Bart is all better! 

Said these things usually take weeks to resolve, but Bart’s eye is great.  It still has a white spot, but I guess that will go away.  But no more ointments. 

I do have to hold off putting the other ointment back in, the one for his herpes for a couple of weeks, since it contains steroids and might cause another flare up of the corneal erosion.  Giving it a few weeks gives the cornea time to thicken up somewhat.


Funny thing, I walked out without paying.  They were really busy and I walked out of the examining room, out the waiting area, saying “bye!” as I left.  Got home, settled in, called Brian and told him today was a free day.  Then I got to thinking about it.

I called, Charlene answered, I said “do I owe you for this morning?”  She laughed and mentioned that she was just getting ready to call me.  *lol*  So, I gave her the CC number and that was it.

Oh, well, I tried.  *grin*

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