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      Saturday, June 09, 2007

08:29 AM - 06/09/2007

The topic: The hard part


I know that a few of you have been there, but we’re at the point with Lonee right now. She’s had pretty loose stool for close to a year. Sometimes it’s perfect. Other times, it’s just brownish liquid. And she gets thinner and thinner.

I can’t feed her differently from the others, because at least one of the others has no respect for her age (she’s over fifteen) and steals the good food away from her. If I do anything to stop Ron Howard (AKA the Little Sh!t) from pushing his way into whatever I’ve put out for her, not only does he run, she runs, too.

I’ve tried to grab her up and take her into the bathroom to feed her, but she sits by the door and cries. She won’t eat. She’ll sniff, but she won’t eat. She did one time, she hasn’t since. And when I let her out, I can’t get close to her for at least three or four days.

I could try to get her in a carrier and take her to the vet, and they could run a multitude of tests. And they would tell me “she needs this medication and she needs this medication and you need to do this….”

And I may need to do it, but it’s hard enough to do with a cat and raised domestic, close to impossible with cat born and grown up feral (she was at least three when she came to live with us). She’ll let me pet her, she’ll purr for me, but if my fingers get close to her face (to wipe a booger from her eye or nose), she’s gone.  

And being that she’s as old as she is, and the memory of the hoops I jumped through last year to keep a cat going with no good end, at least not for me, well, we’ve discussed it and we’re just going to let nature take it’s course. She’s not ready yet, but when she is, she’ll let me take her in without fuss, I’m sure.

I hate this part of cat guardianship, I surely do. 

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