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      Wednesday, September 27, 2006

10:34 AM - 09/27/2006

The topic: SSscat!


Have you ever heard of these?  They’re cans of compressed air, with a top that uses batteries.  The top comes separate from the air and you put four AAA batteries in it, pop it on the can, and set it.  What it does is put out this weird noise, then it shoots a puff of air.  It works on a motion sensor. 

Tired of Autumn using the area under the sofa in the family room as her very own personal toilet, and tired of Brian complaining that it smells like litterbox by his side of the loveseat (which it most definitely did), I bought two of these.  I was going to do one under the sofa and one under the loveseat.

Yesterday, I ran the Scooba in the family room, pulling the sofas away from the wall and let the little machine do its job and the area under the loveseat hadn’t been used as a litter box, so there won’t be a need for one there, but the second one will find a home on the kitchen counter, where the cats pee the most. 

At first, you set it for sound and air and after the cats come to connect the sound with the shot of air, they avoid the area when they hear the noise.  Then you set it to just sound.  Well, this morning I pulled all the furniture from the dining room and started the Roomba to vacuuming.  Once the floor was free of most of the loose dirt, I started up the Scooba. 

I was sitting on the sofa, reading the paper when I heard the “hiss” of the Ssscat.  Then I saw Autumn running.  I think it’s gonna work. 

No more under the sofa litterbox.  Yay!

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10:32 AM - 09/27/2006

The topic: Jackie update


He drools no more. 

Yesterday it kept getting a little bit lighter and lighter.  This morning, I saw a little bit and now, nothing. 


I kept thinking back to Pepper, who had a tumor in her lower jaw, then Handsome.   But, we’re okay.

I am going to make an effort to tame him up.  A big effort.  If something bad does happen to him, as it is now, it will be near impossible to get him to a vet.

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